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Case Study

Innovation Leadership: Samsung Cloud Print

Samsung, an innovator in the advanced technology business, needed to develop a cloud-based printing solution for any device, anywhere. The company needed to deliver infrastructure to their Development teams with agility consistent with their rapid pace of development. Samsung partnered with ClearScale and leveraged company’s expertise in the identification and selection of different cloud platform components and providers. Samsung utilized ClearScale’s DevOps experience to automate deployments and build a best-in-class, high performance design with an efficient cost footprint.

Case Study

Sierra Club Gains Control Over Its Online Advocacy Platform Architecture

Sierra Club, a grassroots environmental organization, wanted to grow beyond its reliance on its managed service partner to take direct control of its online advocacy platform. ClearScale helped the organization adopt a sophisticated cloud architecture with clearly defined environments and better access control.

Case Study

Bloomreach Modernizes Cloud Infrastructure and Reduces IT Costs with AWS Refresh

Bloomreach, developer of a digital commerce SaaS platform, needed to update its IT infrastructure. ClearScale made critical updates to the company’s AWS environment, resulting in a 25% reduction in cloud costs.

Case Study

Quik! Sets Up Data Management Infrastructure to Evaluate User Experiences

Quik!, a provider of enterprise forms automation solutions, needed to upgrade its data management capabilities to understand potential client needs better. ClearScale helped the company build a new data platform to serve as the foundation for future data science operations.

Case Study

First Street Foundation Optimizes Application Performance with AWS Containerization Services

First Street Foundation, a nonprofit flood research group, needed to incorporate monitoring, logs, metrics, and incident reporting into its IT infrastructure using cloud-native technologies. ClearScale utilized multiple AWS services to enhance the organization’s computing and data management infrastructure.

Case Study

Cloud Agronomics Enhances Platform With Modern Data Pipeline on AWS

Cloud Agronomics, a geospatial and analytics company, needed to optimize the capacity and speed of its data pipelines. ClearScale used several AWS services to design a comprehensive cloud solution around Cloud Agronomics' new reflectance data pipeline.

Case Study

RF-SMART Goes Serverless to Further Support Global Reliability

RF-SMART, a developer of mobile supply chain technology, wanted to optimize its IT infrastructure to provide even better service to its global customers. ClearScale implemented a serverless architecture solution to increase the reliability of RF-SMART’s critical app.

Case Study

ACR Develops Data Architecture Prototypes for Future Data Lake Implementation

American College of Radiology (ACR), a nonprofit healthcare organization, needed to take its data infrastructure to the next level by implementing a cloud solution. ClearScale helped ACR take the first step in its cloud journey by creating a secure landing zone in AWS within weeks

Case Study

High Availability AWS Environments Support Web Applications

Intoxalock, an ignition interlock provider, needed to modernize its legacy IT systems to make them highly available. ClearScale rearchitected the company’s web applications development, pre-production, and production environments according to AWS best practices.

Case Study

Dating Platform Conglomerate Seamlessly Integrates Newly Acquired Dating Site Into Cloud Infrastructure

Spark Networks, a global dating app company, acquired Zoosk and needed to integrate Zoosk into the Spark IT environment. ClearScale seamlessly migrated the Zoosk infrastructure to Spark Networks’ AWS platform

Case Study

ClearScale Helps Safehub Consolidate Its Cloud Infrastructure on AWS

Safehub, developer of earthquake damage information solutions, needed to consolidate its IT infrastructure on one platform to take full advantage of the cloud. ClearScale developed a secure, fault-tolerant, and high-load ready platform on AWS

Case Study

Amazon Personalize Enables Retailer to Build Powerful Recommendation Engine

FiftyFlowers, a wholesale flower distributor, needed to enhance its customers' online shopping experiences. ClearScale developed a machine learning-driven recommendation engine to deliver product recommendations that align with shopper preferences.

Case Study

Spartan Capital Develops Finance App to Source Market Intelligence From the Web

Spartan Capital Intelligence, an ad-free, flat-rate financial advisory firm, needed to create a solution that could gather and process real-time market intelligence to estimate stock market movements.

Case Study

TriFin Labs Leverages the Power of AWS Serverless Platform

TriFin Labs, developer of customized SalesForce solutions, needed to create customer-application stacks quickly and with greater flexibility. ClearScale helped the company rapidly deploy a serverless stack with seamless flexibility.

Case Study

ClearScale Helps Entropix Build Ultra High Definition Video SaaS Application

Entropix wanted to deploy a new, on-demand SaaS application on top of its video processing engine that could scale with demand, so that the company could open up its capabilities to more customers.

Case Study

AWS Automation & Cloud Migration Were The Perfect Cure For Qure4u

Qure4U, a healthcare startup that developed a unified patient-engagement app, needed to quickly design, deploy and migrate a HIPAA compliant, production-ready AWS environment utilizing AWS best practices.

Case Study

Enabling a Robust Infrastructure Architecture with Comprehensive Security for Medical Research

UCSF wanted to move into the cloud since the benefits were so compelling. However, their biggest area of concern was security. They reached out for an assistance from ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to help design an appropriate architecture that provided tight security controls while still allowing UCSF to have easier provisioning and deployments.

Case Study

microTERRA Builds IoT Capability to Monitor Water Quality Across Thousands of Remote Devices

microTERRA, developer of microalgae-based wastewater treatment systems, needed sophisticated and scalable IoT capabilities powered by multiple AWS cloud services.

Case Study

Quickly Deployed AWS Environment Supports Documentary Series Launch

With the World Wildlife Fund’s documentary series Our Planet scheduled to debut in April 2019, their website project and CMS implementation were on an extremely tight schedule. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale quickly developed and deployed AWS infrastructure to support the WWF’s website and new content management system.

Case Study

The Big Data Infrastructure That Powers The Globe and Mail’s Article Recommendation Engine

The Globe and Mail was launching a new mobile application for readers to access the newspaper’s stories and breaking news on their mobile devices. The Globe decided to take this opportunity to introduce a recommendation system to present a personalized series of articles updated in real time. Read this case study to learn about ClearScale’s solution for the Globe to build the AWS infrastructure that powers the recommendation engine.

Case Study

The Salvation Army Creates a Red Kettle Mobile Donation application on AWS

The Salvation Army wanted to create and host a simple mobile donation application and website, using the Braintree payment processing API to transfer funds from Google and Apple Pay. To help The Salvation Army achieve this goal, ClearScale was brought in to create this donation collection app, infrastructure and website on AWS while providing monitoring and other ongoing support.

Case Study

Dollar Tree Boosts E-Commerce Capabilities Through New Automated, Infrastructure

Dollar Tree was looking to achieve full scalability, security, automation, redundancy, and high availability for their ecommerce application. To help Dollar Tree achieve these goals, ClearScale was brought in to design and develop the four-environment solution for Dollar Tree, using a variety of AWS products.

Case Study

Ebates Journey to Cloud-Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Ebates wanted to achieve better cost optimization and an improved security posture as well as enhanced infrastructure management, code deployment processes, automation, and containerization of services.

Case Study

Deep Automation Helps Coupa Scale Globally

Coupa developed an innovative all-in-one e-procurement and spend management SaaS solution that is easier to use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than anything available today. The company partnered with ClearScale to achieve higher deployment velocity and service availability with cloud automation and infrastructure optimization. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a scalable solution that allowed Coupa drive more operational efficiency and better service for its global customers.

Case Study

Life Sciences Company’s SAP Applications Find a Better Home in the AWS Cloud

As a core of their infrastructure, Repligen runs applications based on SAP. As part of their effort to scale and improve business continuity, Repligen decided to move their SAP infrastructure to AWS. In order to improve the availability of services, they decided to build their SAP application using High Availability extensions on SUSE Linux in multiple availability zones and to use a range of highly available AWS managed services to support this application.

Case Study

Boingo Expanded their Footprint by Migrating Infrastructure to AWS and Automating Using DevOps

Boingo Wireless partnered with ClearScale to optimize their infrastructure for AWS, automate based on DevOps practices, and migrate their entire platform from RackSpace to AWS.

Case Study

Shinola Detroit’s Cloud Infrastructure Powers Agile DevOps Team and Seamless Scaling

Shinola wanted to prepare for the holidays and increase sales through their ecommerce website. The site needed to scale under heavy load with automation and handle demand spikes several times over typical levels. Read this case study to learn how Shinola and ClearScale worked together to automate Shinola's infrastructure using the powerful combination of Chef and AWS.

Case Study

Influence Health Migrates CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS with Help of ClearScale

With more than 1,100 healthcare providers using Influence Health solutions, the company needed to migrate to a larger, faster, and more flexible cloud implementation. Also, Influence Health needed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, increased demand for larger patient databases and automated data transformation, and implement a new architectural design. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped Influence Health to migrate their CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS.

Case Study

Cloud Native SaaS Delivery Platform Migrations and DevOps

DiscoverX develops and manufactures reagents, complete cell-based assay kits, profiling, and screening services for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. The company saw an opportunity to implement cloud-based SaaS delivery model and reduce IT management overhead. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped DiscoverX build a scalable solution from the ground up leveraging Infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, and AWS best practices.

Case Study

Online Dating App Migrates to AWS Cloud to Support Rapid Growth and Control Costs

The Waves app experienced several challenges as a result of its rapid rise in popularity. ClearScale recommended and helped the company move its core infrastructure and workloads to the AWS platform. Thanks to ClearScale’s AWS data migration expertise, the Waves app is now much more reliable and scalable.

Case Study

Three AWS-centric Projects Help Agari Maintain Email Security Leadership

ClearScale partnered with Agari on three diverse projects — all requiring extensive AWS expertise in several areas ranging from staff augmentation to database migration. The collaboration enabled Agari to maintain its aggressive pace of product and service releases and updates — which is critical for maintaining its position as the email security category leader.

Case Study

Machine Learning Saves Time and Reduces Errors for Medical Coding with One App for Four OSes

Working with ClearScale and AWS, Creative Practice Solutions developed an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the medical coding process. The app also works on four different operating systems while using a single code base, in essence, delivering four apps for the price of one.

Case Study

Minted Migrates to AWS Cloud for Increased Agility, Scalability, and Reliability

Minted sought to migrate their workload to AWS for increased agility, scalability, and reliability. The company’s user traffic is seasonal with large spikes during Q4, and the migration had to be completed prior to the busy holiday season. Minted approached ClearScale for migration guidance and also to plan and build its equivalent production network infrastructures at AWS Cloud using terraform.

Case Study

ClearScale Creates Custom AWS App to Enable Secure, Remote File Access

Many of ADCO employees require access to the company’s business analytics service but are not connected to the company’s secure, on-premise network. With the help of ClearScale, ADCO was able to implement a solution that keeps its network secure while enabling its remote employees to access the information they need.

Case Study

ClearScale Helps EMR Provider Migrate to HIPAA-Compliant AWS Cloud

In Touch EMR decided to migrate from a managed VMware environment to a self-managed, HIPAA-compliant environment in the AWS Cloud. By teaming up with ClearScale, In Touch EMR was able to complete a successful, efficient migration — and meet its objectives for a reliable, secure and compliant cloud environment.

Case Study

CareMetx Reaps the Benefits of Moving Its SaaS Application to AWS

CareMetx chose to move to AWS Cloud services, mainly because of its options to enable automation, high availability, security, and cost savings. Learn how ClearScale used AWS best practices to help a healthcare technology company with its SaaS application migration to AWS.

Case Study

RMI Builds a Custom Solution on Grievances Linked to Risks of Conflict, Human Rights Violations

The RMI approached ClearScale to build a custom solution to collect, track, and process mineral sector grievances. Created using the Angular web framework, ClearScale designed the Minerals Grievance Platform as a custom web application to handle the logic of grievance processing and access controls. To ensure the physical safety of data, AWS was chosen to host the project.

Case Study

Solving KPF’s Scaling Challenge with a Custom Solution on AWS

One client in the architecture design industry didn’t think automation of its processes was possible. ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, stepped in to create a custom solution to their scaling challenge.

Case Study

ClearScale Helps SavvyMoney Optimize Its Successful Financial Platform

The overwhelming success of its credit score platform created numerous challenges for SavvyMoney. To help SavvyMoney optimize its platform, ClearScale rearchitected the multi-tenant SaaS platform to enforce tenant isolation at the application layer and improve cross-tenant management.

Case Study

Accelerating Time-to-Market for Smart Building IoT Applications

Site 1001 needed a way to speed up application development and deployment to ensure it could meet its customers’ evolving needs and take advantage of new market opportunities. The company requested that ClearScale assist it in developing the optimal solution.

Case Study

Migrating from Azure to AWS to Take Advantage of Reliability and Clear Pricing

Track Revenue’s SaaS infrastructure was split between two different platforms: AWS and Microsoft Azure. But with time, challenges concerning the Azure platform became a difficult and expensive problem, resulting in unexpected downtime and poor pricing options.  Track Revenue turned to ClearScale to help migrate its entire operations into AWS.

Case Study

VERO Migrates to AWS Cloud to Support the Rapid Growth of Their Innovative Social Media Platform

After facing some capacity and scalability issues due to unpredictable viral popularity spikes, VERO had decided to deploy their application on a massively scalable platform. ClearScale helped VERO migrate their innovative social media platform to AWS Cloud.

Case Study Modernizes its Online Education Platform by Migrating to AWS Cloud wanted to move from a physical environment to the cloud to achieve full scalability, automation, security, and high availability for their online education platform. To help achieve these goals, ClearScale was brought in to migrate its planform to AWS Cloud.

Case Study

Creating PCI-Compliant SaaS Applications for the cloud.

NetBrain was building a multi-region PCI DSS and HIPAA-compliant application consisting of multiple services across Windows and Linux. The company wanted to offer a SaaS version of this application and host it in the cloud. For help in building its SaaS offering, NetBrain turned to ClearScale.

Case Study

Designing Improved and Fault Tolerant Architecture Following AWS Best Practices

Even though their product was already up and running in AWS, RF-SMART wanted to make sure it was following AWS Best Practices and DevOps principles to run their operations as efficiently as possible and to enable disaster recovery capabilities. For help in designing an improved and secure architecture, RF-SMART turned to ClearScale.

Case Study

Migrating from Equinix to AWS to Take Advantage of AWS Managed Services and Service Elasticity

Gaia’s infrastructure was originally hosted in an Equinix data center. When its contracts were set to expire, Gaia wanted to use the opportunity to migrate its infrastructure to AWS in order to take advantage of AWS’s managed services and service elasticity. For help Gaia Online turned to ClearScale.

Case Study

StayWell Achieves Migration and Automation Goals with the Help of ClearScale

To support its continued growth, Staywell needed plans, tools, and procedures to migrate infrastructure and applications to AWS as soon as possible. They also needed to build a new microservices platform. For help with the migration and automation projects, Staywell turned to ClearScale.

Case Study

DealerSocket and ClearScale Partner to Optimize Data Pipeline Application

DealerSocket has developed new application features that use Apache Kafka to implement a real-time data pipeline with built-in scalability. For help with an audit of their current data pipeline code and recommendations for production readiness, DealerSocket turned to ClearScale.

Case Study

Creating AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Reliability, Security, and Future Growth

Learn about the AWS Cloud infrastructure and processes ClearScale developed to help Legion support the growth of its workforce engagement platform.

Case Study

Migrating and Deploying AWS Cloud-Based Application for Cordium’s New Product Launch

To meet strict compliance and governance requirement, Cordium needed to migrate and deploy their new application on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Read the Case Study to learn how ClearScale helped Cordium with the migration and deployment of the highly available, scalable, and reliable solution.

Case Study

Criteria Corp Expands Its Presence on AWS and Adopts Best Cloud Computing Practices

Criteria Corp was looking to achieve high availability and security for their new applications hosted on AWS. To help Criteria achieve these goals, and to gain an easy and predictable CI/CD process, ClearScale was brought in to create a new architecture on AWS.

Case Study

Big Data Transformation with Custom API and Serverless Architecture

One Major Media Company partnered with ClearScale to Migrate into a Serverless Architecture within the AWS Cloud. Read this Case Study to learn how ClearScale helped our client to utilize AWS Services leveraging Lambda functions, ElastiCache, DynamoDB and custom API.

Case Study

QMI Manufacturing Leverages the Power of IoT

QMI Manufacturing Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of advanced safety systems that detect the presence of gas leaks, water leaks, or seismic vibrations. Their focus is on proactive solutions that protect lives and property. QMI Manufacturing, makes the world a safer place by protecting people in their homes, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. They resolve safety and protection issues for elevators, escalators, automatic doors, rapid transit systems, observatories, mines and fire halls—virtually any place people gather to work or play.

Case Study

Zeta Interactive AWS migration one bite at a time

Zeta Interactive provides its customers with a software platform to manage and analyze relationships and deploy marketing campaigns. They needed a solution to assure that their infrastructure can scale to meet their growing customer demands. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale partnered with Zeta Interactive to design their network architecture and migrate it to AWS for higher Availability, operational efficiency and security.

Case Study

ClearScale and SunRun Solve Security Challenges with Production-Ready Cloud Solution

SunRun is the largest residential solar company in the United States, with 100,000+ customers across the country already and still growing. In collaboration with their certified partner network, they help homeowners get solar energy simply and quickly. SunRun offers “solar as a service” which allows consumers to get a fast, personalized solar system designed for their home. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains the system, while homeowners simply pay for the clean power at a lower rate than their current utility bills.

Case Study

How Medallia Launched an Elastic Self-Service Portal on AWS

Medallia's sales organization needs to demo the complete Medallia platform to many potential new customers in multiple verticals. Read this case study to learn how, using AWS and an extreme agile approach, Medallia and ClearScale were able to build and deliver the self-service portal in only two months.

Case Study

Mobile Conferencing Meets Global Demand with New Infrastructure and Deep Automation on AWS

Voxeet is disrupting conferencing and collaboration for mobile workers and distributed teams with its proprietary TrueVoice 3D sound technology and collaborative capabilities. Voxeet needed a flexible solution to meet the demands of their rapidly expanding customer base. The company partnered with ClearScale to design and deploy a highly scalable infrastructure around the globe. Voxeet wanted to take full advantage of AWS and infrastructure-as-code practices to ensure predictable release and deployment processes. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a cost effective cloud solution that improved latency and performance of company’s services and reduced management overhead.

Case Study

Infrastructure Overhaul Helps Netpulse Achieve Major Business Wins

Netpulse provides the #1 custom branded mobile app for health clubs. Netpulse was experiencing issues when launching new servers, wasn’t able to scale in real-time when demand was high, and needed infrastructure improvements to enable them to onboard new customers and handle massive influxes of traffic and data. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale partnered with Netpulse to stabilize, update, operationalize, and maintain their cloud infrastructure.

Case Study

Onstream’s Device-First Intelligence Framework Enabled by Docker and Amazon ECS

Onstream had developed a new technology framework and needed a partner who could design and build out the cloud infrastructure to support their new application. Onstream wanted to follow emerging DevOps best practices with a focus on automation. Read this case study to learn about ClearScale’s solution for Onstream that included Docker orchestration with Amazon ECS.

Case Study

Infrastructure for Batch Processing and Network of Content Websites Migrated from Joyent to AWS

MobSoc Media had been using Joyent to host their complex batch processing systems and core APIs since 2008. But as MobSoc grew, their need for better tools and greater depth of cloud offerings increased, and Joyent was no longer a fit. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale re-architected, improved, and migrated MobSoc’s complete infrastructure from Joyent to AWS. MobSoc was able to benefit from ClearScale’s strong technical resources and cloud experience and now has a more powerful, scalable, and automated cloud infrastructure.

Case Study

Celebrity Gossip Site Scales, Serves Hot Content During Traffic Spikes

TheYBF is a popular celebrity gossip website. Web traffic is highly variable, and when a hot story is published, traffic can spike dramatically as news breaks. But TheYBF’s infrastructure was unstable and did not scale under heavy demand. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale re-architected TheYBF’s infrastructure to achieve scale, stability, and high performance.

Case Study

Healthcare Tech Powered by AWS Helps Diagnose Sleep Disorders at Home

BresoTec has developed BresoDx®, an innovative, home-based home sleep test device indicated for the diagnosis and monitoring of obstructive breathing disorders. The company partnered with ClearScale to design and develop a web portal application for physicians to effectively manage patients and analyze device data. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a scalable solution that minimized cost of ownership by strategically leveraging AWS and delivered top tier services to BresoTec’s customers via web portal.

Case Study

San Jose Water Company Expedites New Feature Delivery with DevOps Help from ClearScale

Founded in 1866, San Jose Water Company (SJWC) is an investor-owned public utility, and is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated urban water systems in the United States. SJWC serves over 1 million people in the greater San Jose metropolitan area with high quality, life sustaining water with an emphasis on exceptional customer service. SJWC also provides services to other utilities including operations and maintenance, billing, and backflow testing. By sharing these services with others, SJWC benefits the local community, lowers the cost of water operations, and improves opportunities.

Case Study

SF Match Migrates Legacy Infrastructure to AWS to Modernize and Scale Operations.

For nearly 40 years, SF Match has provided residency and fellowship matching services in various specialties and subspecialties across the spectrum of medicine including ophthalmology, plastic surgery, movement disorders, critical care anesthesiology, microsurgery and many others. They work to connect people with organizations using a proven applicant review and ranking methodology as well as a Centralized Application Service that streamlines the processing, distribution, and review of applications with a simple user interface.

Case Study

Improving University Recruitment Cost and Student Retention with Machine Learning Algorithms

SeligoAI is an innovative software company that seeks to challenge the established university admissions and student-progress-tracking model. Their recruitment and retention platform uniquely integrates probability analysis into the funnel management system employed at universities and colleges. Probability analysis is generated by machine learning through the application of multiple algorithmic calculations.

Case Study

Conserve With Us Tries a New Approach to Data Pipeline Based on AWS Step Functions

Conserve With Us is a technology platform that allows land conservancies to connect with people and communities to protect outdoor spaces. From local streams to majestic national parks, Conserve With Us is driven by a firm belief that greater investment in natural spaces will benefit all Americans of current and future generations.

Case Study

YouSeeU Virtual Classroom Solution Goes Global with Help of AWS and ClearScale

YouSeeU is a global leader in skills development for higher education and corporate training. The company recognized that it needed an experienced AWS partner that would deliver an innovative solution to help YouSeeU expand its global presence. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped YouSeeU to incorporate new AWS services for their virtual classroom solution on a global scale.

Case Study

Jumio's AWS Migration Achieves Immediate Performance and Scalability Gains

Jumio is the global leader in digital identity verification using computer vision, biometrics, and human review to connect a person’s online with their real-world identities. Because Jumio code base was sound and built on a modern technology stack, the company recognized that much of their existing infrastructure needed to be migrated to AWS. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped Jumio to migrate its platform from Rackspace to AWS using containerization.

Case Study

From Vision to Implementation: A SaaS e-Commerce Solution for the Gift Card Processing Industry

Cardganize needed to create an all-in-one management tool for subscribers to help overcome some of the deficiencies they saw in the existing manual exchange process. Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped Cardganize to build the entire SaaS eCommerce solution on AWS that is flexible and scalable.

Case Study

Security Company Re-factors Its Solution for Faster Time-to-Market

ClearScale worked with one Security Company to move their security operations entirely out of existing data centers into an entirely reimagined architectural framework within the AWS Cloud. In order to do this, it would require a substantial amount of refactoring of the existing code base so that it would become more performant. Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped our client with the design and deployment of the solution.

Case Study

Implementing a Large AWS Data Lake for Analysis of Heterogeneous Data

C4ADS biggest challenge was finding a way to aggregate multiple different file formats while still allowing C4ADS to perform easy searches within a large data repository. ClearScale’s solution was to implement a Data Lake approach within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped C4ADS with the Data Lake development and implementation.

Case Study

The Development and Implementation of a Robust Secure Infrastructure in the Azure Cloud

Specific regional privacy rules and security regulations impacted Zafin’s Canadian operations. ClearScale’s solution was to develop an infrastructure in a cloud whose footprint was within the country. Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped Zafin to develop and implement robust and secure infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Case Study

Building Scalable and Safe Analytics Reporting Service by Leveraging Serverless Architecture

To improve the scalability of the reporting services, Reach Local needed to move its analytics reporting service into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and expose their APIs to the appropriate customers using AWS API Gateway. Read the case study to learn how ClearScale helped ReachLocal with the development and implementation of the new reporting service leveraging serverless infrastructure.

Case Study

SavvyMoney Deployes a New AWS Environment to Support Rapid Growth and Scalability

To support their rapid growth, SavvyMoney needed to build a new environment on AWS and automate their deployment process. Learn how ClearScale helped SavvyMoney refactor and modernize their entire infrastructure which improved scalability, lowered technology costs, and optimized operations.

Case Study

Building a Personal Safety Platform with AWS IoT

To meet high demand and very strict security requirement, WearSafe needed to build their Personal Safety IoT Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Read the Case Study to learn how ClearScale helped WearSafe with the deployment of the new platform leveraging AWS IoT, third-party tools, and DevOps techniques.

Case Study

GK Data Solutions Builds a New Marketing Analytics App on AWS with Help from ClearScale

To meet specific requirements, GK Data Solutions needed to build their marketing analytics app on AWS Cloud. Read the Case Study to learn how ClearScale helped GK Data Solutions with the deployment of the cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use solution for end-user marketers.

Case Study

TrendShift’s Cloud-Based HealthCare SaaS Solution with HIPAA

TrendShift, one of our clients in the Healthcare industry, needed to improve and expand their web-based SaaS application. They also needed a solution that would integrate easily with open-source platforms while still offering robust security to protect sensitive information. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped Trendshift build a safe, HIPAA compliant and highly scalable solution.

Case Study

Building AWS Machine Learning Powered Online Platform to Improve Recruiting and Hiring

SeligoHR wanted to improve recruiting and hiring by creating an employment site that can connect the best candidates with the best jobs. To help SeligoHR achieve this goal, ClearScale was brought in to build this unique HR platform using AWS Machine Learning technology.

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