Get More Out of Your Windows Resources

Many organizations still rely on outdated, on-premises Windows resources to power their IT. As a result, they spend more time, money, and energy getting the results they need. And some struggle to measure Windows performance in the first place, leaving valuable opportunities on the table.

With AWS and ClearScale, you finally have a better answer for your Windows environments. We provide Windows optimization and licensing assessment solutions for organizations of all types. Dig deeper into your on-premises workloads, discover where you are overpaying, and come up with a plan to make necessary changes. We’ll help you every step of the way and put you in a position to increase Windows productivity, cost-efficiency, and performance on AWS.

“ClearScale was there to answer our questions and provide the background and technical expertise that led to a very organic and natural migration. Throughout the process, each step was explained, and as we approached completion of the project and migration off of our legacy hardware, ClearScale provided the needed support to ensure that our first experience would be fully supported.”

- Dennis S. Thomatos, Manager of the SF Matching Program

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Our Windows Optimization Services

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    Compute Evaluation

    Gain clarity around what you need from a resource standpoint by studying current consumption data in detail.

  • Optimization Roadmap icon

    Optimization Roadmap

    Develop a Windows workload optimization strategy according to your consumption analysis that accounts for all dependencies and future needs.

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    Migration Planning

    Plan a large-scale Windows workload migration to AWS and modernize critical assets along the way without disrupting your business.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Accurate Right-sizing

Illuminate your on-premises Windows resource consumption and provision exactly what you need to avoid wasting limited IT dollars.

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Lower Windows Costs

Only pay for Windows resources that you consume when you go through AWS for Microsoft storage and compute.

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Flexible Licensing

Break free of rigid third-party contracts and licensing agreements that keep you locked in with old-school vendors.

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