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August 8

Getting Started With Serverless Containers Using ECS
Join AWS and ClearScale to learn how to get started with Amazon ECS and scale your applications with AWS Fargate. The last 30 minutes of this webinar will be an "Ask an Architect" session, where you can ask any questions related to the session or discuss your use case with specialist architects.

Date: Thursday, August 8

Time: 12:30 - 2:30 CDT

Event type: Webinar

Who Should Attend: Level 200 technical professionals

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August 14

Seamless Transition from VMware to AWS: Modernization Strategies for a Future-Ready IT Infrastructure
Join AWS and ClearScale for an insightful webinar about transitioning from VMware to AWS. Discover how to overcome common challenges, optimize your cloud environment, and leverage AWS’s advanced capabilities to drive innovation and efficiency within your organization.

Date: Wednesday, August 14

Time: 11:00 AM CDT

Event type: Webinar

Who Should Attend: All IT professionals and business leaders looking to address their concerns from the Broadcom-VMware realignment.

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