Simplify Your Container Deployments

Container technology is enabling organizations everywhere to modernize mission-critical applications and deliver consistent experiences across many operating environments. However, getting the most out of containers requires having a sophisticated container operations capability.

With AWS and ClearScale, you can easily manage and orchestrate your containers, both on-premises and in the cloud, without managing servers or dealing with significant IT complexity. We’ll help you launch, scale, and maintain containerized apps with ease.

“ClearScale demonstrated both its technical cloud expertise and creativity through our recent project. It was clear from the get-go that ClearScale had done this type of data management revamp time and time again. Their expertise in machine learning was a valuable complement to our own application experts. We're now well-positioned to create even greater value for everyone in the SRM Ecosystem from manufacturers, to our dealers, fleets and partners.”

- Satish Joshi, Chief Technology Officer, Decisiv

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Key AWS Container Operation Services

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) icon

    Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

    Use Amazon ECS, a fully managed container orchestration solution, to easily manage and scale your most important containerized apps.

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services icon

    Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services

    Simplify your on-premise and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters with a dedicated solution from AWS.

  • AWS Fargate icon

    AWS Fargate

    Add serverless compute under your Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS deployments and only pay for processing power that you use.

Optimize Your Containers with ClearScale and AWS

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Accelerate Deployment Cycles

Automate key CI/CD processes to speed up your development work and deliver new features to end users faster.

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Standardize Your Deployments

Create consistency around your containerized app deployments to reduce your overall container management workload.

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Implement Monitoring & Logging

Use the latest monitoring and logging tools available to stay on top of container performance and issues that could arise.

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