Gain Control Over Your IoT Data

One of the more valuable features of IoT networks is that organizations can collect massive volumes of data directly in the field. The challenge lies in managing all of this data effectively to create tangible value for the enterprise.

Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers IoT analytics solutions that enable engineering teams to maintain control over their IoT data. And with ClearScale’s help, organizations can expand the usefulness of their IoT data further to make better decisions, design new offerings, and optimize everyday operations.

“Establishing a partnership with ClearScale and AWS allows us to quickly have a front-line data and cloud architecture that is scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-efficient. More importantly, it adapts to our vision and needs. It continuously transfers real-time data from the remote farms to AWS cloud infrastructure and allows us to build analytics faster. With Clear Scale, we also have a Front End to display a dashboard with actionable visualizations of the data.”

- Marissa Cuevas, CEO, microTERRA

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Our IoT Analytics Services

  • AWS IoT SiteWise icon

    AWS IoT SiteWise

    Gather and analyze IoT data from industrial applications to improve on-site performance.

  • AWS IoT Events icon

    AWS IoT Events

    Detect events in the field, trigger automated workflows, and stay on top of what’s happening in your network.

  • AWS IoT Analytics icon

    AWS IoT Analytics

    Perform advanced analytics on IoT data at any scale without having to design an entirely new platform

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Increase Revenue

Create new sources of revenue based on data and insights captured by IoT devices and sensors.

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Improve Visibility

Evaluate data from millions of devices to better understand how customers use and engage with your products in the real world.

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Enhance User Experiences

Deliver better user experiences by streamlining customer interactions with your services and smart devices.

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