Increase Engineering Capacity Through Managed Services

Focus on your business instead of cloud operations when you enlist ClearScale Managed Services. With our robust tool set and experienced engineers, the ClearScale Managed Services team can help you reduce your IT costs and improve the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure. Our trusted team provides 24/7 monitoring, and services related to all AWS products. Select from a variety of service tiers to meet your specific cloud managed services needs and budget.

Achieve More With ClearScale and AWS

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Reduce IT Costs

Ensure your cloud environment remains cost-effective by monitoring your AWS charges and identifying opportunities for savings.

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Mitigate Issues

Issue alerts automatically and mitigate identified problems quickly, improving availability and security.

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Maintain High Performance

Generate regular reports on the health and security of your IT infrastructure by monitoring metrics to maximize availability and performance.

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Why Choose ClearScale as Your Cloud Managed Services Provider?

24x7x365 Support

After more than 900 successful projects, we’ve learned how to get the most out of AWS. ClearScale offers industry-leading cloud-managed services designed to meet your requirements and budget. We’re a trusted partner for many organizations and provide 24x7x365 platform management and access to deep AWS cloud expertise when you need it.

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More Flexibility and Control

On top of your standard support, our cloud management services provide a package of monthly supplemental services hours which can be utilized for infrastructure maintenance and changes, automation tasks, custom monitoring, security updates, application performance findings and changes, and more. This allows you greater flexibility and control as needs arise in your AWS environment. You will also get a designated Service Delivery Manager for onboarding and ongoing customer support, who will work as a liaison between you and the ClearScale MSP team.

You can also leverage ClearScale Squads, a flexible delivery model that combines the agility of an Agile framework with the scalability of a fractional engineering model.

Managed Services Program Highlights

24x7x365 Coverage

ClearScale offers 24x7x365 support, management, and monitoring to optimize your applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform.

24/7 Monitoring

ClearScale provides 24/7 monitors and alerts for your cloud infrastructure, applications, and dependent services to ensure everything is available, healthy, and secure.

Fast Response SLAs

Whether your ticket or incident is considered “Low Priority” or “Urgent” our team is dedicated to providing a timely and helpful response.

Learn More About Our Managed Services Tiers

“ClearScale truly feels like a part of our team. ClearScale’s engineers are there for us throughout the week and throughout the month. They’re part of our deployment process. They’re part of our security management efforts. They play an important role in our uptime management and monitoring. And they are critical in keeping our infrastructure moving forward.”

- Richard Walker, CEO, Quik!

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“After going with ClearScale, operational support has been phenomenal. I can sleep through the night, I can take a day off - without worrying about what’s happening behind the scenes at CommissionTrac.”

- Sibin Peter, CTO of CommissionTrac

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed services?

Managed services refers to the arrangement in which a company outsources certain managerial or administrative IT tasks to an external party. The purpose of managed services is to free up in-house technical resources to focus on higher-value activities, like new application development. Cloud managed services, specifically, are growing increasingly popular as organizations look to offload the complex work of cloud environment management to experienced vendors.

What activities are included in managed services?

Managed services can include a range of activities. For instance, ClearScale provides 24x7x365 monitoring of cloud infrastructure and application performance, rapid incident reporting, software patching, and more. Our team also helps clients optimize resources and boost security. Moreover, some vendors, including ClearScale, deliver managed services on a tiered basis, allowing companies to choose from different levels of IT outsourcing.

What are the benefits of using managed services?

Managing cloud environments, tracking application performance, and troubleshooting issues can take a lot of time and energy. And as cloud environments become more complex, the chances of things falling through the cracks increases. Managed services allow organizations to offload this work to more experienced and knowledgeable parties. This frees up engineering capacity, increases performance potential, and often results in lower costs.

When does it make sense to leverage cloud managed services?

Organizations turn to managed services for a number of reasons. Some have small internal IT teams with limited cloud experience. Others are experiencing rapid growth and would rather have engineering resources focused on innovation. In general, the decision to adopt coud managed services comes when organizations feel their IT administration is best in the hands of an external party for cost, capacity, and/or performance reasons.

What cloud managed services packages does ClearScale offer?

ClearScale offers three tiers of AWS cloud managed services: Basic, Advanced, and Premier. Each package comes with supplemental service hours on top of core managed services activities like 24x7 technical support, platform monitoring, and runbook-based processing. ClearScale’s involvement expands with each service tier, allowing organizations to choose how much they want our team to handle on their behalf.

Which AWS cloud managed services package is right for my organization?

The best way to determine which AWS cloud managed services package is right for your organization is to speak with a ClearScale expert. We’ll discuss your goals and reasons for exploring AWS cloud managed services, as well as what capabilities you have in-house already. At the end of the day, we want to provide you with exactly the level of support that you need to feel confident and excited about your IT performance on the cloud.