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Utilizing a DevOps approach is a fundamental ClearScale operating principle and is the foundation of all client engagements.

Cloud DevOps services is a core competency at ClearScale and we extend DevOps principles to our clients through our expertise with partner technologies from AWS, Chef, Ansible, and Docker. From server provisioning and configuration management, to application deployment and continuous integration, ClearScale’d cloud DevOps services will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure.

We will architect your infrastructure following best practices we’ve developed from hundreds of successful client deployments. We will guide you on how to implement cloud automation that benefits your organization by liberating your IT and operations teams from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, and empowering them to focus on business-critical objectives. Plus, high risk tasks like code deployment can be mitigated by automation.

Watch Cloud DevOps Services Webinar: Continuous Automation with Docker on AWS

Learn how the San Jose Water Company worked with ClearScale to leverage Docker and the latest AWS DevOps tools, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR), and AWS CodePipeline, to deliver new app features faster, with lower overhead.

"Based on their proven track record of delivering mission-critical production applications and managed services with a strong focus on DevOps and Big Data solutions, ClearScale has been a key enabler for customers in the Bay Area and beyond."

Terry Wise, Vice President of Worldwide Partner Ecosystems
Amazon Web Services, Inc

Key considerations for cloud DevOps services:

  • Are your IT and operations teams spending excess time on routine infrastructure management tasks?
  • Do you want to decrease time to market and enable continuous delivery of your SaaS product or application by utilizing techniques such as automated testing and continuous integration?
  • Do you need to make business users self-sufficient with a self-service portal?
  • Are you unsure which tasks and applications are good candidates for automation?
  • Do you want to streamline code deployment from development to staging and to production?
  • Do you want to reduce risk of error on business-critical tasks like code deployment?
San Jose Water Cloud Case Study

San Jose Water Company Expedites New Feature Delivery with DevOps Help from ClearScale on AWS

Top 3 Challenges that can be Solved with DevOps

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