Maximize ROI on the Cloud

Running workloads in the cloud has been more expensive than anticipated for many companies – cloud spending is over budget by an average of 13%, according to Flexera’s 2022 survey report. Why?

IT leaders are struggling to manage cloud environments and applications efficiently. Many are still relying on outdated processes that worked on-premises but don’t work well on the cloud.

Fortunately, reducing costs, cutting waste, and boosting performance are easy on AWS, which provides a wide range of cost and resource optimization tools. At ClearScale, we can help you take full advantage of these solutions and implement the ideal cloud ecosystem for your organization.

“Clearscale was an excellent partner that came in with deep technical expertise, pragmatic mindset, and a collaborative attitude that turbo-charged the Bloomreach engineering team that resulted in outcomes that included improved efficiency, reduced cost, better quality, and higher scalability of our platform.”

Xun Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Bloomreach

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Our Cost Optimization Services

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    Platform Audit

    Conduct a comprehensive infrastructure audit to uncover cost-optimization opportunities and identify underused resources.

  • Rightsize Instances icon

    Rightsize Instances

    Provision instances that align directly with volume usage, workloads, and storage classes to eliminate unnecessary spending.

  • Billing Monitoring icon

    Billing Monitoring

    Implement tools like AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Trusted Advisor, and AWS Budgets to evaluate spending thoroughly.

  • Storage Optimization icon

    Storage Optimization

    Optimize AWS storage services to meet specific data storage needs at affordable cost.

Addressing Costs With AWS and ClearScale

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Lower Expenses

Take advantage of flexible pricing models, savings plans, and credits that align with your known compute and memory needs.

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Better Cost Visibility

Gain a better understanding of what’s happening across your AWS accounts with tools and tagging policies that help you stay on top of cloud spending.

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Optimize Resources

Eliminate unused or underutilized resources from your cloud environment and allocate those funds to better opportunities.

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