Leverage Powerful AWS Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading public cloud platform trusted by organizations worldwide. Through AWS, IT teams have everything they need to leverage AI/ML, serverless infrastructure, big data, new modernization solutions, and much more cutting-edge technology. However, the platform can be overwhelming for those with limited cloud experience.

That’s why AWS works with Premier Tier Services Partners, like ClearScale, who know how to help others unleash the full potential of the cloud. ClearScale offers many essential services through the AWS Marketplace, giving IT leaders the expertise they need to modernize applications, analyze data, automate deployments, and secure their cloud environments.

“Our partnership with ClearScale supported our ability to respond to market demands quickly, helping us deliver timely new features and products to market. We worked with ClearScale’s DevOps and application-development experts to implement a solid AWS solution, allowing us to focus on the innovative cloud platform that our customers depend on.”

- Andy Thompson, CEO

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Our AWS Marketplace Offers

  • Data Strategy Assessment icon

    Data Strategy Assessment

    Design a roadmap to optimize and control your data management process leveraging powerful AWS data services to stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for your customer-facing applications.

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  • Modernization Workshop icon

    Modernization Workshop

    Evaluate your current platform roadmap and identify optimization and value-add opportunities to accelerate growth on AWS.

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  • SIEM System icon

    SIEM System

    Get the visibility, automation, and insights needed to quickly detect anomalies and uncover advanced cyber threats in real-time.

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  • Kubernetes Blueprint icon

    Kubernetes Blueprint

    Deploy consistent environments across multiple AWS accounts and regions using continuous deployment automation.

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  • Data Lake Setup icon

    Data Lake Setup

    Establish a serverless data lake in the cloud to uncover valuable business insights.

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The AWS Marketplace Advantage

benefit icon

Pre-vetted Software

Quickly find the right service for your needs without having to invest significant time and resources in evaluating options.

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Seamless Integration

Deploy and manage solutions in the AWS environment, without worrying about compatibility issues or complex integrations.

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Trusted and Secure

Acquire secure and compliant services from trusted vendors to reduce risk.