Harness the Power of AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading public cloud platform trusted by organizations worldwide. Through AWS, IT teams have everything they need to leverage AI/ML, serverless infrastructure, big data, new-age modernization solutions, and much more. However, the platform can be overwhelming for those with limited cloud experience.

That’s why AWS works with Premier Tier Services Partners, like ClearScale, who know how to help others unleash its full potential. ClearScale offers many essential services through the AWS Marketplace, giving leaders the expertise they need to modernize applications, optimize Windows deployments, migrate legacy assets, and implement cloud-native data infrastructure.

Our AWS Marketplace Offers

  • Data Lake Setup icon

    Data Lake Setup

    Configure a secure and scalable data lake for storing, processing, and analyzing massive volumes of data.

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  • Data Strategy Assessment icon

    Data Strategy Assessment

    Evaluate your data architecture and develop a roadmap to optimize how you control and manage your data going forward.

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  • Modernize to Scale Workshop icon

    Modernize to Scale Workshop

    Modernize one mission-critical application of your choice on the AWS cloud to improve performance and reduce unnecessary IT costs.

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  • Windows Workloads OLA icon

    Windows Workloads OLA

    Create a plan to lower your Windows licensing costs by right-sizing resources and migrating infrastructure to AWS.

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  • Windows Migration Assessment icon

    Windows Migration Assessment

    Build a Windows migration plan for one .NET application, taking flexible licensing opportunities and pay-as-you-go-pricing into account.

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  • Kubernetes Blueprint icon

    Kubernetes Blueprint

    Create a well-operated and secure multi-team platform to manage microservices in AWS EKS.

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  • Database Strategy and Assessment icon

    Database Strategy and Assessment

    Assess current database capabilities and develop a project plan to migrate to AWS.

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  • Application Roadmap Workshop icon

    Application Roadmap Workshop

    A cloud modernization assessment to evaluate your current infrastructure roadmap and identify long-term cost optimization and value-add opportunities on AWS.

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Accomplish More with ClearScale and AWS

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Upgrade IT Performance

Boost IT performance and productivity when you replace legacy, on-premises assets with cloud-native infrastructure and fully managed AWS solutions.

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Accelerate Innovation

Deliver new offerings to more customers faster than ever when you develop modern applications in conjunction with automated workflows, efficient CI/CD pipelines, and microservices.

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Grow Your Bottom Line

Increase top-line revenue by launching cloud-enabled business models, and reduce IT costs with efficient AWS technologies.