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Cloud computing has enabled marketing and advertising companies to study target audiences in greater detail and fine-tune operations accordingly. ClearScale earned the AWS Advertising and Marketing Competency for our ability to help customers harness the power of the cloud, discover new growth opportunities, and reach their full sales potential in today’s fast-paced marketing world. You’ll be able to monitor customer behavior and advertising performance, and then refine your offerings and personalize outbound campaigns based on insights derived from big data analytics.

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Increase Agility

Leverage powerful cloud-based advertising and marketing technology workloads to increase operational agility, automate bidding, and reduce cost per conversion.

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Uncover New Insights

Run advanced analytics on billions of events daily to identify hidden trends, study attrition, and discover better ways to approach potential customers.

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Operate Efficiently at Scale

Run your advertising and marketing workloads at scale with ultra-low latency to ensure you never miss a conversion opportunity.

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Why Choose ClearScale as Your Advertising & Marketing Consulting Partner?

Catalyst for Innovations

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, ClearScale has completed 1000+ projects for more than 500 companies around the world. We have the technical expertise and cloud experience to help you embrace innovation in the advertising technology space and drive incremental value for your business.

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Deep Technical Expertise

Our team has nearly 100 AWS certifications and has earned the Data and Analytics competency based on our experience executing cloud projects that generate tangible results for clients. We’ve worked with many marketing and advertising companies to migrate, modernize, and maximize the value of their IT ecosystems on the cloud, ensuring they have what they need to compete in today’s ever-changing marketing sector.

Common Advertising and Marketing Use Cases

AI/ML for Marketers

Use AI/ML programs to create powerful applications capable of handling large volumes of behavioral and demographic data, enabling fraud detection, and optimizing ad placement, all without human intervention.

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Integrated Ecosystem

Create one seamless marketing and advertising environment with scalable data lakes, powerful integrations, forecasting tools, and visualizations that improve decision-making across the board.

Big Data Analytics

Monitor customer behavior and ad performance to refine your offerings and personalize outbound campaigns based on insights derived from big data analytics.

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“We needed to migrate to AWS and modernize our workloads to support our cloud-based marketing platform and reduce high IT costs. This was a massive project that involved more than 6,300 servers from 12 global data centers and 8 full-stack applications on an aggressive 10-month timeframe. The project was a tremendous success, thanks to our collaboration with ClearScale.”

- John Boezeman, Chief Technical Officer

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“[ClearScale’s] focus on enterprise grade delivery excellence was evident immediately, from commercial to project management, architecture, engineering, validation and handover, the engagement was flawless and delivered with impressive accuracy and productive communication at all times. It goes without saying that they delivered everything we asked for, so we will gladly work with ClearScale again.”

- Mark Stewart, Chief Technology Officer

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“ClearScale helped us make the critical shift from reactive to proactive data processing and analysis. With ClearScale, we can now harness and analyze the high volume of incoming data in real time to provide our clients with predictions and actionable insights about consumer behavior.”

- Christopher Peterson, Full Stack Developer, Cybba

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