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To meet the needs of modern consumers, companies have to deploy resilient, yet flexible cloud-native applications that can evolve over time. ClearScale makes this easy by partnering closely with engineering teams to build and modernize truly disruptive applications using AWS - the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Achieve More With ClearScale and AWS

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Innovate at Will

Incorporate personalized recommendation engines, Internet of Things (IoT) data feeds, predictive analytics, and more by developing applications with cutting edge AWS cloud services

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Ensure Scalability

Automate the release pipeline with apps that can scale easily with demand, only incurring costs for compute resources you use

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Maximize Performance

Improve the resiliency, availability, and performance of your mission-critical applications by leveraging powerful managed services and purpose-built cloud tools

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Why Choose ClearScale as Your Application Modernization Consulting Partner?

1000+ Cloud Projects Completed

ClearScale has completed more than 1000 cloud projects and has earned 12 competencies from AWS, highlighting our ability to generate tangible results for clients on the cloud. We leverage our experience and knowledge of AWS to develop modern, high-performing, scalable, and resilient applications that create value and keep customers happy.

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Unmatched Technical Expertise

Our in-house experts have experience building cloud-native applications using today’s most common platforms and languages. We’ll bring your app ideas to life using Java, .NET, Node.js and other popular languages, as well as use third-party services that simplify the process of maintaining and managing complex cloud applications.

Common Application Modernization Use Cases


Break monolithic applications up into loosely coupled microservices that are easier to update and manager as your goals change.

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Offload burdensome IT infrastructure management while building new applications designed specifically to thrive on the cloud.

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Purpose-Built Databases

Create purpose-built databases, designed around your business requirements, that allow you to manage complex applications easily.

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“Selecting ClearScale as our cloud development partner was an easy decision for Metapix. Having worked with them previously on a highly advanced cloud product all the way to successful product launch, we knew they were up for the challenge of delivering an even more complex software stack on a deadline. ClearScale did not disappoint and the product development roadmap is steamrolling forward. We will almost certainly engage them again for our next phase of scaling it out globally.”

- Nathan Wheeler, CEO of Metapix

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“ClearScale has proven to be an incredibly valuable partner as The Salvation Army expands its capacity to meet the needs of donors, and by implication the needs of the people we serve. 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic really highlighted the need to remain flexible and efficient in a changing environment, and ClearScale helped us do that last year by providing additional ways to give at the iconic Red Kettle.”

- Dale Bannon, Director of National Community Relations and Development at The Salvation Army

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“GK Data Solutions has in-depth experience with software development projects and has found working with ClearScale to be one of the most efficient ever experienced. This was an extremely efficient software development project both in terms of cost and schedule.”

- Kevin Kuciapinski, PhD , President, NextGen Strategies and Result

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GK Data Solutions
The Salvation Army
Spartan Capital Intelligence
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of modernizing legacy applications?

There are many benefits to modernizing legacy applications. Companies often modernize to increase overall performance and IT efficiency. Others need more app development flexibility. In some cases, application modernization is about increasing resilience. The common thread is that modernizing applications aims to bring critical products and services in line with ever-evolving market expectations.

Why should I modernize my legacy applications on AWS?

Organizations that modernize legacy applications have to make the most of the opportunity. AWS provides everything leaders need to ensure a successful modernization project, whether it includes migrating on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, refactoring existing applications, or implementing new technologies. AWS understands what modern organizations need and continues to make it easier to pursue IT transformation on the cloud.

What application modernization tools does AWS offer?

AWS recommends that organizations consider four high-level modernization pathways: moving to managed containers, adopting serverless technology, implementing purpose-built databases, and/or leveraging DevOps services. Across each of these areas, AWS offers useful tools, like Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora, and AWS CodePipeline. The key is knowing what to implement and how.

What AWS application modernization services does ClearScale offer?

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Tier Services partner with 11 AWS competencies. We’ve helped clients across numerous industries modernize legacy applications on AWS to elevate performance and lay the foundation for future growth. Our engineers know how to implement the latest cloud technologies available, as well as how to deliver tailored AWS application modernization services to meet our clients’ goals.

What are some common application modernization use cases?

Many organizations choose to modernize legacy applications to gain access to specific use cases. For instance, microservices, serverless infrastructure, and purpose-built databases are popular reasons to modernize. Leaders also modernize so that they can incorporate big data analytics, IoT networks, AI/ML capabilities, and more into their offerings. The possibilities are endless when organizations modernize on AWS.