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Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning Services

Create new capabilities. Optimize more processes. Solve complex business problems. Increase business intelligence.

Whatever the needs or challenges, ClearScale can help you meet them with customized solutions that integrate the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

Whether you want to incorporate AI or ML into an existing application or develop an AI- or ML-powered application from scratch, ClearScale can partner with you to get it done with our customized machine learning services.

What Can AI and ML Do for You

Need a chatbot or intelligent assistant? How about a recommendation engine?

Here are just a few examples of how you can use machine learning services to benefit your business:

  • Provide personalized experiences and recommendations to increase customer loyalty
  • Identify and eliminate redundant processes
  • Automate processes that previously required human interaction
  • Identify vulnerabilities and predict failures, errors, or fraud so you can take proactive actions
  • Optimize pricing based on customer behavior and preferences
  • Forecast trends

Experience Plus

Few companies can maintain in-house expertise in AI and ML. Even finding a third-party application development company that knows how to apply these technologies can be difficult. That’s why ClearScale’s machine learning services stand out.

ClearScale has extensive experience in the latest and most popular ML and AI frameworks, libraries, platforms, and programming languages. That experience is supplemented by deep-seated expertise in software architecture best practices, DevOps, automation, data science, and more.

It all enables us to define, create, and connect all the pieces for translating your ideas into reality.

AWS AI and ML Expertise

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, ClearScale possesses proven expertise in using both the AWS Cloud and AWS services to develop machine learning services.

Whether it’s Amazon Forecast to more accurately forecast supply chain demand or Amazon Personalize to deliver tailored search results, ClearScale is well versed in identifying and implementing the right AWS services to solve specific business needs.

More about Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast at ClearScale.

ML- and AI-Powered Solutions in Action

It’s one thing to talk about ClearScale’s ML and AI expertise. But it’s the real-world applications that demonstrate how ClearScale’s machine learning services deliver true value. Read some of our case studies and blogs to get the real story.

Seligo Cloud Case Study
Smarter University Admissions and Student Progress Tracking

ClearScale worked with a software company to develop a cloud-based solution that provides intelligence to help predict how successful candidates might be in college. The solution, which leverages Amazon Machine Learning and other AWS services, also allows institutions to track students’ progress and foresee patterns or potential barriers to academic life.

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Seligo HR Cloud Case Study
An Intelligent Approach to Employee Recruitment and Hiring

To improve recruiting and hiring, ClearScale worked with a human resources firm to create a machine learning-driven employment website that connects the best candidates with the best jobs. The solution reduces the time and cost of searches, provides greater convenience, and more effectively aligns candidate skills with job requirements.

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Proactively Preventing Data Breaches

To help a healthcare client determine if its data was being inadvertently modified, moved, transferred, or erased outside of its policies, ClearScale developed a solution driven by AWS Macie. AWS Macie leverages machine learning to provide end-to-end active monitoring along with automated remediation actions based on customized conditions and logic.

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Learning to Predict Behavior

When a customer needed a solution for inferring consumer credit behavior from massive amounts of data, ClearScale leveraged Amazon Machine Learning. Its machine learning models evaluate indexed data sets to identify usable patterns then modify their approaches to fine-tune the patterns to generate more actionable results.

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