Accelerate Your AWS Adoption

From reducing IT costs to nearly limitless scalability, there are many compelling reasons to embark on a cloud migration journey. However, making the transition is not easy without thorough planning and careful execution. That’s why partnering with the AWS cloud migration experts at ClearScale can maximize your cost savings, business agility, and performance on the cloud.

The 3-Step Approach to Cloud Migration

Each cloud migration project varies based on the needs of the organization embarking on the endeavor. However, ClearScale follows best practices of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) when it comes to migration.

Step 1: Assess Your Readiness

The migration readiness assessment enables us to identify the capabilities required in your migration and build a TCO model for your migration project.

The migration assessment process generally provides you with the following:

  • An understanding about where your environment is in the cloud journey
  • An understanding of your current strengths and weaknesses as a cloud-ready enterprise
  • An action plan to close identified gaps

Step 2: Mobilize Your Resources

The mobilize phase helps us build a foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the gaps identified in the migration assessment phase.

The migration mobilize phase generally delivers you the following outcomes:

  • Define and automate security, risk, and compliance policies to accommodate operational controls
  • Define and implement an AWS landing zone that can scale as you migrate additional applications
  • Establish your cloud operating model
  • Run applications in production capacity

Step 3: Migrate or Modernize Your Workloads

In this step we execute the migration plan using powerful AWS best practices, tools, and processes. After leveraging the best practices and lessons learned from the earlier migration phases, you can implement a migration factory, a blueprint for scaling implementation and operations, through automation, and agile delivery.

Why Choose ClearScale as Your Cloud Migration Consulting Partner?

Tried-and-True Migration Process

Our established AWS migration process enables us to move your applications and workloads to the cloud quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We partner with your organization to guide you through every stage of the migration process - from the initial strategic roadmap all the way through the final cutover to your new environment.

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500+ Customers Successfully Migrated to AWS

We’ve earned the AWS Migration Competency based on our extensive experience spanning more than 500 successful migrations to AWS from on-premises environments, hosting facilities, and other public cloud providers. Our cloud migration services leverage the latest cutting edge tools and technology provided by AWS, as well as our own expert DevOps engineers and developers to ensure that your migration is completed smoothly without disruption to your services.

Our migration experts are experienced in AWS’s most common cloud migration services, including CloudEndure, Migration Evaluator (TSO Logic), AWS Control Tower, AWS Server Migration Service, AWS DataSync, the AWS Transfer Family, the AWS Snow Family, and more.

Achieve More With ClearScale and AWS

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Reduce Operational Costs

Free up resources and lower your overall IT costs through pay-as-you-go pricing, volume based discounts, and fully managed services.

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Increase Business Agility

Accelerate innovation, decrease time to market, drive business value, and boost productivity by deploying apps and services designed for the cloud.

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Reduce Risk by Increasing Security

Implement the security policies, governance, and compliance guardrails you need with built-in AWS security tools and features.

Plan Your Project

Common Migration Use Cases

Server & Data Migrations

Migrate workloads from your on-premises infrastructure, Google Cloud, or other cloud platforms to AWS, as well as migrate large, on-premises data sets to the cloud.

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Database Migrations

Migrate all of your organization’s data from commercial and open-source databases without leakage.

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Application Migrations

Migrate hundreds of applications to AWS rapidly without disrupting crucial operations.

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“This was a massive project that involved more than 6,300 servers from 12 global data centers and 8 full-stack applications on an aggressive 10-month timeframe. The project was a tremendous success, thanks to our collaboration with ClearScale. They managed to complete this ambitious project on time - when other AWS consulting partners said it couldn’t be done.”

- John Boezeman, Chief Technical Officer

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“As we go through this database migration project with ClearScale, we're seeing hosting costs decrease and performance increase. It's amazing that you can get both, but that's really the direction that we're heading.”

- Tony Autin, Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Jonas Fitness

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“When we decided to move to the cloud to improve performance and reduce operating risk, ClearScale proposed a comprehensive architecture to revamp our IT infrastructure. ClearScale was a great partner and helped us execute this ambitious project, ultimately helping us achieve our goals and position us for future growth.”

- Chris Cuzalina, GridHawk President, CFO and Board Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my apps stay online during my AWS migration?

We prioritize executing seamless migrations with no downtime. By following our three-step process, we ensure that everyone is well-prepared to make the transition. We talk through potential issues that could arise and set up backup plans in case the unexpected occurs. Our cloud experts are also available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. We never leave our clients hanging in the heat of a migration.

Do you have extensive experience with cloud migrations?

Rest assured knowing that our migration methods are battle-tested. We’ve helped organizations worldwide in numerous industries migrate mission-critical infrastructure without disrupting operations. And because we’ve been doing this on AWS for over a decade, we’ve built our competencies around their platform, so we know what it takes to be successful after the migration is complete.

What are the most common AWS migration strategies?

There are 6 primary AWS migration strategies:

  • Re-host
  • Re-platform
  • Re-purpose
  • Refactor / re-architect
  • Retire
  • Retain

The right option depends on the organization’s goals and existing infrastructure. Some groups want to replicate in the cloud what they have already on-premises. Others want to modernize workloads during the migration process to ensure applications are optimized for the cloud.

How do you choose the right AWS migration strategy?

If you don’t know what path to take, our cloud migration experts can help you determine the best approach to achieve your goals. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each strategy and how they apply to your unique situation. Plus, we’ll leave your team with comprehensive documentation so that they know how to maintain your cloud environment going forward, no matter the migration strategy used.

How long do AWS migrations take?

Cloud migrations can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on how much there is to move and what approach you want to take. Once we dive in and understand your business requirements, existing infrastructure, and goals, we can provide a better migration timeline estimate. Our objective is to set you up for success on the cloud while enabling you to sustain your business during the transition.

How much do AWS migrations cost?

Again, every cloud migration is different. It’s impossible to give a blanket cost estimate. There are many factors to consider, including the type of workloads that need to move, the status of legacy architecture, and the in-house resources available to support a migration. However, there are ways to estimate your potential AWS migration costs so that you have a better sense of what to expect. We offer several resources (here and here) to help with this. As an AWS Premier Tier Services partner, we also have access to funding opportunities to help subsidize your AWS migration costs.