Jonas Fitness Lays Groundwork for Large-scale Migration with Guidance From ClearScale


Jonas Fitness needed to execute a complex migration and modernization project on the AWS platform.


ClearScale helped Jonas Fitness adopt value-added cloud solutions, improve scalability, and build a cloud-first culture across the organization.


Jonas Fitness is prepared from an organizational and technical standpoint to execute a large-scale migration involving thousands of clients and databases.

AWS Services

Amazon Aurora, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Macie, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2

Executive Summary

Jonas Fitness is a Texas-based company that provides club management software for the private fitness and wellness industry. The company helps fitness club owners and operators engage members and deliver services through a suite of products, all of which are designed to improve profitability and reduce administrative burden.

Jonas Fitness recently decided it was time to migrate its legacy IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and take advantage of new-age cloud technologies. After going through the assessment phase of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) , Jonas Fitness realized it didn’t have the in-house technical skills required to ensure a successful cloud migration in the timeframe required by the company. Shortly after, Jonas Fitness found ClearScale and decided to work with the AWS Premier Consulting Partner to maximize the value of its upcoming migration.

The Challenge

Jonas Fitness wanted to solve several technical issues with business implications by migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the main goals was to move away from an existing Microsoft Unity license. The company also wanted to start using Amazon Aurora as its relational database. The problem was that Jonas Fitness didn’t have the internal experience required to execute a large cloud migration and modernization project.

Jonas Fitness decided to evaluate several vendors discovered through the AWS Partner Network. After careful consideration, Jonas Fitness decided to partner with ClearScale after the consultancy differentiated itself in one critical way: ClearScale understood that Jonas Fitness was ultimately trying to address a business opportunity by solving a technical problem. Rather than simply implement a technical solution, ClearScale knew how to position Jonas Fitness to meet its long-term enterprise goals.

"As we go through this database migration project with ClearScale, we're seeing hosting costs decrease and performance increase. It's amazing that you can get both, but that's really the direction that we're heading."
Tony Autin
Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Jonas Fitness

The ClearScale Solution

ClearScale’s first priority was to help Jonas Fitness establish a “cloud-first” mentality and culture within the organization. ClearScale led Jonas Fitness’ IT team through various assessments, as well as the formation of a cloud center of excellence.

In addition, ClearScale provided documentation outlining the cloud consultancy’s migration vision for Jonas Fitness. The documentation proved to the client’s leaders that ClearScale understood the overarching goals beyond the technical details of the future cloud ecosystem.

On the database migration side, ClearScale completed a proof of concept to not only modernize Jonas Fitness’ existing database, but also rewrote the data access for the application layer. With this engagement, Jonas Fitness knew that ClearScale was the right partner for them.

ClearScale also introduced Jonas Fitness to specific AWS services that improved the scalability and security of the company’s infrastructure. In doing so, ClearScale changed how Jonas Fitness’ IT team thinks about elasticity and server management, important realizations that will shape how the company approaches elements of IT optimization moving forward.

Thanks to ClearScale, Jonas Fitness is now using services like Amazon Inspector and Amazon Macie, in addition to more commonly used solutions, like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. Overall, Jonas Fitness is now much more prepared to execute its large-scale migration involving thousands of databases and clients.

The Benefits

In ClearScale, Jonas Fitness has found a partner that provides much more than technical cloud expertise. ClearScale has been available to Jonas Fitness around the clock, always ready to engage and offer suggestions on how the company can leverage different cloud services or prepare more effectively for the upcoming migration.

Jonas Fitness has full confidence in ClearScale and is excited to move forward with Phase Two of the migration project. ClearScale led the way in laying the foundation for a successful AWS migration and is ready to empower Jonas Fitness with the architecture it needs to continue delivering high-quality software services to its customers across the country.