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Microsoft Windows AWS Services

Optimize performance. Reduce infrastructure costs. Minimize security risk. There are many great reasons to modernize your Windows workloads and migrate them to the cloud.

But “why should I modernize my Windows workloads” is not the only question. Asking “how should I modernize and migrate my Windows workloads” is also important.

ClearScale is here to help. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with the Microsoft Workloads Competency, we deliver Microsoft Windows AWS services that have helped many organizations assess, modernize and move their Windows and SQL Server workloads to AWS. And we leverage AWS Funding Programs to complete these projects affordably.

How to Modernize and Migrate Your Windows Workloads

No two modernization and migration projects are the same. What to do with each application must be determined on a case by case basis. You can:

  • Rehost the application by moving it to the cloud without modifying the code. This is a fast option requiring few resources, but it doesn’t let you benefit from cloud-native features like elasticity.
  • Replatform the application by modifying the application code in order to use the base platform services. It’s a slower process than rehosting.
  • Refactor the application by recoding a portion of it. Refactoring increases cost efficiency, but is time consuming and resource intensive.
  • Re-architect the application by altering or decomposing it into services (e.g. microservices), rather than conducting a complete rebuild.

Regardless of the solution that best fits your needs, ClearScale has the specialized knowledge and expertise to provide Microsoft Windows AWS services that ensure success for your modernization and migration project.

The ClearScale Windows Migrations and App Development Process

Since every customer’s situation is unique, we tailor a Microsoft Windows AWS services program specifically to your needs. However, there are several common steps we take to ensure the success of each project:

  • First, we learn about your specific cloud goals and your criteria for determining success
  • Then, we audit your infrastructure and applications and compare them to best practices
  • From there, we draw on our Windows workloads expertise, AWS tools and industry best practices to recommend the most agile, scalable and secure solution
  • After that, we develop a Proof of Concept and conduct testing
  • Next is building a secure, compliant cloud environment in AWS
  • Then, we work with you to transfer your data to AWS, and test all functionality
  • Finally, we deliver full documentation to your IT team and provide managed services if necessary

Benefits of Windows Migrations and Application Development

Once you move your Windows workloads to AWS, what benefits can you expect to see? Customers who have already made the transition report:

Lower costs

Save up to 90% on Windows compute costs

Enhance productivity

Reallocate IT resources to higher-value activities

Improve agility

Accelerate innovation and get to market faster

Reduce downtime

Enhance reliability for essential applications

Increase security

Leverage more than 90 security standards and compliance certifications

Contact Us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a ClearScale cloud expert. Learn more about how our Microsoft Windows AWS services can help you reduce your IT costs, while simultaneously increasing security, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

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