Let the Cloud Experts Manage Your Databases

Managing databases on the cloud is a lot of work. Between configuring access controls, testing failover plans, scaling storage, and more, there’s so much to worry about before engineers can even start creating value from their data. That’s why migrating to fully managed databases is so appealing.

Rather than take on the heavy lifting of managing databases in-house, pass that work off to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let AWS take care of all that has to happen behind the scenes to keep your databases online to support mission-critical applications. And with ClearScale’s help, you’ll find the perfect database type for your organization and have the expertise you need by your side to get the most out of your new solution.

“When it came time to upgrade our legacy database, we recognized an opportunity to modernize in the cloud and improve the availability and scalability of our core application. But we also recognized that we needed an expert partner with significant experience in complex AWS migration and modernization projects. We found that partner in ClearScale and were rewarded with a new solution that will both save us money and support our ambitious growth plans.”

- John Davis, VP of Product, eTeamSponsor

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Our Managed Database Services

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    Database Selection

    Choose from numerous AWS relational and nonrelational database types depending on your unique business needs and existing technology stack.

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    Database Migration

    Migrate legacy commercial databases to an AWS managed database service, breaking free of punitive licensing terms, proprietary technology, and higher costs.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Simpler Database Management

Offload database management to AWS so that your engineers can focus more on using data to enhance services and upgrade applications.

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Minimize Database Failures

Isolate database failures, prevent downtime, and implement foolproof disaster recovery plans that take advantage of AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and proven procedures.

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Auto-scaling and Capacity Planning

Scale databases quickly without ever having to worry about running out of disk space or overpaying for unused infrastructure.

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