GenAI AppLink™

Taking advantage of GenerativeAI (GenAI) successfully is difficult, especially when trying to incorporate the technology into existing cloud environments. Many organizations struggle to create value with LLMs given the technical complexities involved. This is where ClearScale comes in.

ClearScale, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, offers GenAI AppLink™ – a service designed to effortlessly weave GenAI workflows into existing AWS environments. GenAI AppLink™ empowers companies to create a bridge that seamlessly interlinks GenAI into any application, setting the stage for long-term value creation with LLMs.

Our GenAI AppLink™ Services

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Set Up Environment

Define the right compute resources, logic, and assets for your LLM use cases.

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Install Required Libraries

Automatically install high-quality and trustworthy software packages to enhance GenAI application functionality.

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Create Sample Requests

Test different LLM APIs with sample requests to find the right endpoint for your needs.

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Handle Sample Responses

Manage sample API responses effectively in your application and broader AWS architecture.

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Document Your Technique

Maintain clear documentation on how to use LLM insights and capabilities across your AWS architecture.

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Why Choose GenAI AppLink™?

Created by AI/Ml Experts

ClearScale earned the Machine Learning Competency from AWS, demonstrating our deep experience and expertise in building or integrating ML solutions on AWS. We’re experts at helping our customers take advantage of intelligent solutions, from creating, automating, and managing end-to-end ML workflows to modernizing applications with machine intelligence. With a team that holds over 100 AWS technical certifications, we are well-versed in the most advanced AWS ML and AI services, ensuring that you're in expert hands when you choose GenAI AppLink™.

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Competitive Advantage Through AI Integration

Generative AI (GenAI) is transforming how businesses leverage data to discover trends, and insights, and create new opportunities. However, the path to implementing GenAI can be fraught with challenges, from the complexity of integrating large language models (LLMs) to the daunting task of preparing high-quality data.

Unlock the Power of Generative AI with ClearScale's GenAI AppLink

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI, it's easy to get lost in the buzz and complexity. AWS offers numerous tools and services, but it can be overwhelming, especially if navigating AWS isn't your full-time job. That's where ClearScale steps in, slicing through the complexity to deliver a straightforward Gen AI solution for customers of all sizes.

Leverage GenAI With AWS and ClearScale

FineTuned for GenAI

Let ClearScale take the lead on ensuring that your AWS environments are perfectly tuned for your unique GenAI workflow.

Fast Implementation

Hit the ground running with software packages, notebooks, and APIs that are primed for AI-related projects.

Simplified Execution

Harness the sheer power of LLMs without taking on the technical challenges and intricacies of building your own GenAI workflow.

“ClearScale helped us quickly test the validity of a Newton’s Law mobile app while creating a solid foundation for us to build upon. We’re confident that we’re using the right GenAI resources and that our infrastructure will be able to scale over time.”

- Dameon Russell, Managing Director, Newton’s Law

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GenAI AppLink™ and who offers it?

GenAI AppLink™ is a specialized service offered by ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. The service is designed to integrate the GenAI workflow into an existing AWS environment, allowing it to work seamlessly with any application of your choice.

What are the core features of GenAI AppLink™?

GenAI AppLink™ leverages the capabilities of Language Learning Models (LLMs) to simplify complex AI-related tasks. It provides a comprehensive suite of services, including setting up AWS infrastructure, providing computational notebooks, and offering essential software libraries, all optimized for AI-related activities.

How does GenAI AppLink™ help with API selection?

Choosing the right API from numerous options can be challenging. ClearScale assists users in identifying the Language Learning Model (LLM) API that best suits their specific needs. The company also generates and manages sample requests to give users a hands-on experience with the GenAI workflow.

What kind of documentation is provided with GenAI AppLink™?

ClearScale provides comprehensive documentation that outlines the entire setup process for GenAI AppLink™. This documentation also offers valuable insights into optimal scaling techniques, ensuring that you can make the most out of your AI initiatives.

How does GenAI AppLink™ benefit businesses?

GenAI AppLink™ serves as a bridge between a business's application and the expansive world of Language Learning Models (LLMs). It ensures a smooth and efficient transition, allowing businesses to focus on harnessing the power of LLMs without getting bogged down by technical complexities.