CommissionTrac Frees Engineering Capacity with Cloud Managed Services


CommissionTrac had a small engineering team, which made it difficult to address everything that had to be done from an IT monitoring standpoint, especially for a fast-growing company.


ClearScale began providing ongoing monitoring and platform management, freeing CommisionTrac’s CTO from having to be on call 24/7 to ensure business continuity.


On top of addressing downtime and performance issues, ClearScale helped scale up CommissionTrac’s infrastructure to increase reliability and availability, as well as automate DevOps processes to free up developer resources.

Executive Summary

ComissionTrac is a one-stop-shop SaaS platform for commercial real estate brokerages that comes with all of the tools needed to manage deal pipelines and opportunities effectively. With CommissionTrac, brokerages can pay their agents more quickly, make better business decisions, streamline complex workflows, and much more.

Recently, CommissionTrac was looking for 24/7 DevOps support for its AWS infrastructure. The CommissionTrac engineering team was small, which made it difficult to address everything that had to be done from an IT monitoring standpoint. CommissionTrac’s CTO wanted to spend more time developing and deploying new features in addition to maintaining the company’s core application. Open to ideas, CommissionTrac reached out to AWS for suggestions.

The Perfect Managed Services Partner

Based on CommissionTrac’s needs, AWS recommended the team connect with ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with vast experience monitoring AWS environments and quickly mitigating identified problems. ClearScale offered several advantages over other vendors - AWS specialization, rapid response times, industry-leading expertise, and competitive pricing.

Consequently, syncing up with CommissionTrac’s operating hours would be easy. After a challenging experience with an overseas cloud vendor, CommissionTrac was ready to work with someone synchronously, mitigating the possibility of miscommunication.

CommisionTrac decided to use ClearScale Managed Services for 24/7/365 AWS monitoring, infrastructure auditing, cost optimization, and DevOps automation. From day one, the partnership had a tremendous positive impact on CommissionTrac’s operations.

"After going with ClearScale, operational support has been phenomenal. I can sleep through the night, I can take a day off - without worrying about what’s happening behind the scenes at CommissionTrac."
Sibin Peter
CTO of CommissionTrac

The Benefits

One key benefit of working with ClearScale is that CommissionTrac’s small engineering team didn’t have to worry about ensuring business continuity. ClearScale took on the responsibility of monitoring CommissionTrac’s IT infrastructure and addressing unforeseen downtime, saving the company’s CTO from many sleepless nights.

The cloud service provider also helped scale up CommissionTrac’s infrastructure to make it more reliable and available. ClearScale added redundant server instances, load balancing, and monitoring agents that detect issues as soon as they arise.

Furthermore, CommissionTrac was able to offload DevOps tasks to ClearScale. Rather than allocate engineering resources away from valuable development time, CommissionTrac can now raise a ticket with ClearScale and trust that the managed service provider will come up with multiple solutions that all fulfill business requirements. Consequently, CommissionTrac’s developers can focus more energy on how to continue delivering excellent experiences to commercial real estate brokerages.

To date, ClearScale has been able to solve every issue and generate solutions around any needs that CommissionTrac’s CTO has. ClearScale is highly professional and knowledgeable, which gives CommissionTrac’s leadership team peace of mind that its back-end DevOps partner is taking care of the company’s core application behind the scenes.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, CommissionTrac is excited about the possibility of working with ClearScale on future projects. The SaaS company is growing quickly and has to ensure its cloud infrastructure can keep up with demand in a cost-effective manner. ClearScale will help CommissionTrac design an optimal cloud infrastructure that can scale with the company’s growth.

Meanwhile, the support ClearScale provides through its suite of Managed Services has already improved CommissionTrac’s capacity dramatically. The company is ready to pursue its ambitious growth trajectory and provide exceptional services to client users.

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