More Service Options Means More Flexibility

Every organization is different. Some need minimal help managing cloud environments. Others want to offload as much work as possible. But all companies share a common goal on the cloud: maximize performance and growth potential. That’s why we launched three managed services tiers that provide varying levels of engagement. Choose the package that best aligns with your unique AWS needs and objectives. Focus on what matters most for your customers.

Managed Service Packages


24/7 Support

  • Incident Management Rely on our expert response team to restore service to its operational state in cases of unplanned events or service interruptions.
  • Root Cause Analysis Get a comprehensive summary on outages and other major incidents.
  • Certificate Management Rest assured your SSL certificates are monitored and managed.
  • Standard RunbooksReliable response plans on hand for support engineers to detect and respond to corresponding alerts or requests.
  • Customer PortalAccess to the new Cloud Management Platform for helpdesk services and to view the latest infrastructure status.

24/7 Monitoring

  • Standard Infrastructure Monitoring Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring provides key metrics and alerting to enhance performance and availability of your AWS environment.
  • Endpoint Monitoring Optimize health and uptime for your most important URLs or websites.

20 Supplemental Service Hours

  • Initial Architecture Audit & Onboarding Perform a comprehensive audit of your architect to identify potential security, scalability, and performance issues.
  • Service Management Expert service when your instance requires changes, updates, or removal.
  • Service Deployment Instance setup and configuration (Amazon EC2s, Containers, Network)
  • Patch Management Rest assured your AWS instances and components are up-to-date to address potential software vulnerabilities or performance issues.
  • User ManagementWe can assist with creating and modifying user roles and access policies.

Service Delivery

  • Coordinated by Customer Customers create tickets to request a change or initiate a task.


Everything included in Basic plus:

24/7 Support

  • Serverless Runbooks We’ll create response plans with custom instructions to cover the serverless components of your platform.

24/7 Monitoring

  • AWS Billing Monitoring This service can help you react to unforeseen spikes and cost increases and keep your AWS bill under control.
  • Serverless Monitoring We’ll monitor and manage your AWS Lambda functions and API gateway health and uptime.

40 Supplemental Service Hours

  • Regular Infrastructure Audit We’ll regularly review your infrastructure against our best practices and AWS standards and formalize the list of activities and recommendations to maximize performance and uptime.
  • Cost Optimization Optimize your AWS spending with recommendations based on your audit.
  • Disaster Recovery We help you prepare AWS workloads for potential disasters to minimize the impact to your business.

Service Delivery

  • Designated Service Delivery Manager You will have a designated individual on the ClearScale Managed Services team that will learn your business needs and coordinate internally to ensure you get the best service.
  • Incident Coordination & Prioritization Your SDM will manage open incidents with the technical team and prioritize them accordingly.
  • Trend Analysis Your designated SDM will track important shifts in incident reports and understand them in the context of your infrastructure’s history.
  • Escalation Management If needed, you can always escalate issue to your SDM to prioritize requests and coordinate with ClearScale technical teams.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) PreparationYour SDM will drive RCA preparation and explain incidents in detail.
  • Additional Escalation Options Access more escalation services faster with the help of your SDM.
  • Runbook coordination Custom support instructions are tailored to your business needs.
  • Monthly Status Calls Keep your team on track with regular status calls led by your SDM.


Everything included in Advanced plus:

24/7 Support

  • Custom Runbooks ClearScale will work with you to develop custom instructions specific to your infrastructure or processes.

24/7 Monitoring

  • Security Monitoring The ClearScale MSP team will set up a comprehensive security configuration to help you detect and respond to threats.
  • Custom Security Configuration Custom monitoring solutions are available (e.g. creating custom scripts or integrating with your existing monitoring solution).

60 Supplemental Service Hours

  • Custom Security Monitors We can build additional monitoring sensors to cover a wide variety of unique scenarios.
  • AWS Vulnerability Assessment The ClearScale Security team utilizes AWS security tools to help you secure your infrastructure from vulnerabilities.
  • AWS Security Audit The ClearScale Security team will conduct an audit to remove unneeded IAM users, roles, groups, and policies so your users and software have only required permissions.
  • Security Monitoring Configuration As a result of the Security Audit, the ClearScale team will configure security monitoring appropriate for your environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit If you would like to ensure your platform is compliant with HIPAA, SOC2 or other standards, ClearScale can help you with that effort.
  • Full Database Audit ClearScale DBA experts will review your databases and provide a list of recommendations to improve performance and security.
  • Database Optimization ClearScale DBA experts will streamline your database structure to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

Service Delivery

  • Weekly Status Calls Keep your operations running at full speed with weekly status calls led by your SDM.
  • Premier SDM Allocation Your SDM will be able to devote roughly 2X more time than SDMs for customers at the Advanced and Basic service levels.
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