ClearScale Provides ITMG With Automated MVP on AWS to Streamline Operations


ITMG wanted to build a new tool that would streamline the company’s information-gathering process for risk assessment purposes.


ClearScale provided application development services to build an MVP that validated ITMG’s vision of automating critical workflows within its consulting services branch.


ITMG is now able to move forward with a full-scale solution that will accelerate the time-to-value of client engagements and improve user experiences across the board.

AWS Services

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront

Executive Summary

ITMG is an insider risk management company that helps organizations develop robust risk management programs around their internal operations. The company provides technical and consulting solutions across multiple domains, enabling enterprises to mitigate threats and minimize risk related to how people use data throughout the business.

To improve the efficiency of its consulting services, ITMG decided to explore ways to automate workflows related to how it captures data from clients. After evaluating over a dozen vendors, ITMG chose ClearScale for its vast experience in developing efficient greenfield software solutions on the cloud.

The Challenge

ITMG had an ambitious vision for how it wanted to improve its consulting services. The company’s leadership team recognized there was likely an opportunity to automate aspects of how the firm collected information from organizations for risk assessment purposes.

The challenge was that client businesses were growing increasingly complex, especially as enterprises expand globally and allow remote work at scale. Gathering information from multiple departments in diverse geographies took a lot of time and effort. As a result, ITMG wanted to find a way to streamline its information-gathering processes and take advantage of the AWS cloud to ensure maximum efficiency.

"Early on in our engagement, it was obvious that ClearScale’s engineers were top-notch developers. They understood our vision and business requirements quickly. And ClearScale overall was a true partner in our development process. The team helped us figure out the best way to move forward and always had valuable input."
Shawn Thompson
Founder and CEO, ITMG

The ClearScale Solution

ITMG decided to move forward with an MVP - a centralized tool that the company could share with clients and use to collect information from stakeholders all across the organization. ITMG wanted the tool to enable real-time collaboration and allow only approved users to upload content for evaluation. Following a multi-week vetting process, the team decided to partner with ClearScale due to the company’s extensive cloud-native application development expertise.

At the outset of the project, ClearScale took the time to fully understand ITMG’s technical and business goals, ensuring it had the full picture of what the company hoped to achieve. ClearScale’s engineers then developed ITMG’s MVP, focusing on cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency, both of which were possible in AWS.

ClearScale worked with ITMG’s team to identify features, define workflows and design the implementation in an interactive process. ClearScale’s team, consisting of developers, architects, UI/UX engineers and a project manager, worked to develop the solution over several months until all of the features had been implemented. With the guidance of ITMG’s team, refinements were made along the way to improve functionality and usability as the solution was realized.

At the end of the project, ITMG had a product that they could demonstrate to clients and stakeholders with the goal of gaining feedback and securing additional funding to further enhance it into a product that could be launched. ITMG has now asked ClearScale to start working on a new version of the solution using feedback gained from the MVP demonstrations. Additional functionality and a design refresh are slated as some of the forthcoming enhancements.

The Benefits

Thanks to ClearScale’s application development expertise, ITMG now has an efficient and cost-effective application for gathering client information at scale, no matter the complexity or distributed nature of the business. ITMG was able to validate its vision and now has a foundational MVP that it can build on going forward.

ClearScale not only fulfilled all of ITMG’s requirements, but also provided value-added recommendations along the way. The consultancy served as a reliable thought partner that ITMG could trust for all things related to deploying modern applications in the cloud. ITMG is now looking forward to working with ClearScale over the long term to improve upon what the two companies have already done together in a short time.