TriFin Labs Leverages the Power of AWS Serverless Platform


TriFin Labs needed a secure, cloud-based solution capable of deploying customer stacks quickly and flexibly.


ClearScale created an AWS stack to provision infrastructure for master and tenant accounts, optimized the company’s AWS account management capabilities, and deployed a continuous delivery service.


TriFin Labs now provides clients with a more agile and scalable platform that enhances engagement experiences dramatically.

AWS Services

AWS Config, Amazon CloudWatch

TriFin Labs specializes in Salesforce consulting and app/web solutions development. The St. Petersburg, Florida-based company works with companies of all sizes.

The Challenge

TriFin Labs’ standard development of their platform deploys GraphQL as a query language for APIs. In addition, the company utilizes serverless products — AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync.

Challenges included:

  • Pre-launch, TriFin Labs needed a solution to populate their product into separate AWS accounts
  • The solution had to comply with HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements
  • The project faced a stringent timeline that required laying out the details of the optimized platform, creating the design, testing the results prior to deployment
  • Creation of a landing zone
  • Separate accounts with a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for each customer

Given these challenges, TriFin Labs realized the project would require a partner with laser-focused AWS application-development experience in a serverless environment.

The ClearScale Solution

TriFin Labs required an end-to-end solution, empowering the company to create customer-application stacks quickly and with greater flexibility. The company also needed a toolkit for stack deletion to clean up the environment if necessary. To maintain tight environment control, the master/tenant account also needed to configure CloudWatch Logs and Lambda-for-Log Streaming, in addition to AWS Config. Given ClearScale’s proven track record in AWS expertise, as well as the company’s status as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, TriFin Labs entered into what was to become a productive partnership.

In order to address the challenges and requirements, Clearscale:

  • Created an AWS stack to provision infrastructure for master and tenant accounts
  • Optimized an AWS account management service to automate account creation, create groups of accounts to reflect business needs and apply policies for these groups for governance
  • Used an AWS template as an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) creation tool. This option would empower the required security audits on the deployed infrastructure
  • Provisioned an AWS tenant (in addition to an AWS user identity and data synchronization tool’s user pools and an AWS content delivery network’s distributions) integrated into a seamless AWS service and API, and fully managed continuous integration service setup
  • Revised code to expand its scale
  • Deployed an AWS continuous delivery service across the tenant application, providing superior flexibility and customization

The Benefits

Thanks to a successful partnership with ClearScale, TriFin Labs can now deploy a serverless stack rapidly with seamless flexibility. From a business standpoint, this means TriFin Labs can offer clients a more agile, scalable solution that results in more satisfied customers. By working with ClearScale, TriFin Labs will continue to scale upward. With the power of AWS optimization, TriFin Labs is positioned to elevate these customer engagement experiences.

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