Spoke Safety Implements Complex Cloud Architecture Foundation for IoT Ecosystem


Spoke Safety needed an AWS expert to help implement a complex cloud architecture that the startup had already designed in house.


ClearScale worked alongside Spoke Safety as an extension of the engineering team to set up a robust foundation on AWS using the latest tools and technologies.


Spoke Safety is now well-positioned to incorporate advanced IoT capabilities, AI/ML, and edge processing into its core application, moving the startup closer to achieving its ultimate vision.

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Executive Summary

Spoke Safety is a fast-growing startup that is revolutionizing road safety for today’s most vulnerable travelers. The startup helps people in all types of vehicles safely navigate streets and cities, which are growing more complex every day. The company’s IoT ecosystem is designed to prevent accidents from happening, particularly between larger vehicles and light mobility equipment - e-bikes, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, etc. - by alerting drivers in real time when others are near using V2X technology.

Given the highly technical and ambitious nature of Spoke Safety’s mission, the startup needed to leverage the cloud to maximize its chances of succeeding in today’s competitive landscape. Fortunately, AWS and ClearScale together had the cloud solutions and implementation experience to bring Spoke Safety’s vision to life.

The Challenge

Because Spoke Safety’s business model relies on next-gen technology, the startup’s CTO, Dave Bartlett, knew the fastest path to market involved going through the cloud. Fortunately, Bartlett already had experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and recognized that the provider offered the most robust suite of cloud and edge infrastructure solutions available today.

The remaining question was whether there was an AWS Premier Consulting partner out there that could help implement the architecture Bartlett’s small development team had already designed internally. ClearScale plugged seamlessly into the project, enabling Spoke Safety to begin a long, yet exciting development journey.

"Success in a startup is all about speed and execution. We needed an AWS Premier Partner who could help us get up and running on AWS quickly, which is exactly what ClearScale did."
Dave Bartlett
CTO, Spoke Safety

The ClearScale Solution

ClearScale brought a well-balanced, technically savvy team to Spoke Safety’s project that plugged right into the startup’s strategic roadmap. ClearScale’s engineers first evaluated the complex architecture Bartlett’s team had designed and validated that the company was going down the right path.

Next, ClearScale built a cloud foundation on AWS and implemented Spoke Safety’s architecture. The ClearScale team worked quickly and collaboratively with Spoke Safety’s developers, ensuring everyone was on the same page at all times. The work was accomplished quickly, which meant the startup didn’t waste any resources on the initial version of what will inevitably be a much bigger endeavor.

Spoke Safety can now confidently set its sights on the IoT, data streaming, and edge processing layers that will truly differentiate its offering in the marketplace.

The Benefits

Today, Spoke Safety has the cloud foundation it needs to support the IoT ecosystem it envisions for the future. The startup is now focusing on how to maximize reliability and minimize latency to ensure riders are safe at all times. Furthermore, Spoke Safety wants to deliver personalized services to end users that align with their skill level, equipment choices, and more.

ClearScale will continue to be an important partner and extension of Spoke Safety’s talented engineering team. Together, the two companies plan to take Spoke Safety’s cloud ecosystem to the next level and prepare for the fast-approaching autonomous driving future.