Echosens Eliminates Implementation and Deployment Challenges by Migrating to AWS


Echosens wanted to migrate its FibroScan Gateway infrastructure to AWS to increase accessibility for smaller clinics.


ClearScale developed a detailed migration plan and recommended a suite of DevOps technologies to enhance Echosens' deployment capabilities.


Echosens FibroScan Gateway architecture is now more accessible to smaller clinics and the company can deploy new offerings and releases more efficiently.

AWS Services

AWS CodePipeline, AWS Control Tower, AWS CloudTrail

Executive Summary

Echosens is a global healthcare company that produces medical devices to help physicians assess and monitor liver health. The organization’s non-invasive FibroScan solution is the first of its kind for evaluating liver fibrosis and liver steatosis. Today, Echosens’ FibroScan systems are available in more than 100 countries and support millions of liver examinations worldwide.

Recently, Echosens decided it was time to migrate its FibroScan Gateway infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform to eliminate implementation challenges and increase FibroScan’s accessibility for smaller clinics. Fortunately, ClearScale had the expertise and experience to guide Echosens through a smooth transition.

The Challenge

Previously, Echosens’ customer clinics had to host a FibroScan Gateway server and medical devices on-premises to maintain HIPAA compliance. The Gateway allowed devices to connect directly to HL7-compliant EHR applications, which was essential for securely capturing health data.

However, the on-premises nature of Echosens’ solution created implementation challenges, especially for smaller clinics with limited IT infrastructure. To overcome these issues, Echosens had to migrate Gateway architecture to the cloud while continuing to meet all HIPAA regulatory requirements. Given the scope and complexity of the project, the organization wanted to bring in a third party with the skills to confidently execute such a migration. Echosens turned to the AWS Partner Network (APN) for help.

The leadership team found ClearScale, a Premier Tier partner with 10 AWS competencies, including Healthcare and Migration. ClearScale had everything Echosens needed to move its FibroScan Gateway to the cloud, ensure HIPAA compliance, and accelerate future implementations.

"One of the things that they [ClearScale] brought to the table, which is very important to us, is security and their understanding of security as a third party to make sure that that our solution is extremely secure to meet the requirements from a HIPAA perspective."
Simon Curtis
Program Director, Echosens

The ClearScale Solution

ClearScale team members met with Echosens’ leaders to learn more about their overarching goals and business requirements. Based on this discussion, ClearScale developed a detailed migration plan that would ultimately provide a scalable, highly available, and secure AWS environment for the FibroScan solution.

Along the way, ClearScale recommended a suite of DevOps technologies that would enhance Echosens’ deployment capabilities. ClearScale architects, developers, and engineers offered to implement best practices around Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

More specifically, ClearScale wanted to implement AWS CodePipeline, which would provide Echosens with a fully managed and automated CD service, and AWS Control Tower so that Echosens could easily govern its new multi-account cloud environment. ClearScale also believed AWS CloudTrail would be helpful, as the service enables companies to track user activity and audit performance across all AWS infrastructure.

Between the migration and DevOps work, Echosens stood to increase the value of its non-invasive FibroScan system dramatically.

The Benefits

Thanks to ClearScale’s help, everything went according to plan. The FibroScan Gateway architecture was migrated successfully to AWS, lowering the barrier to entry for smaller clinics. ClearScale also implemented DevOps best practices and cloud-native services so that Echosens can deploy new offerings and releases more efficiently.

Looking ahead, Echosens has a sophisticated cloud consulting partner to support future projects. The company can tap ClearScale whenever it needs to optimize its presence on AWS and scale across the globe.