DatChat Optimizes AWS Environment with ClearScale’s Cloud Managed Services


DatChat needed help from experienced cloud professionals to manage and optimize its AWS cloud environment.


ClearScale provided its cloud managed services to optimally configure DatChat’s AWS infrastructure.


ClearScale helped DatChat improve database performance and reduce AWS costs by setting up autoscaling.

AWS Services

EC2, RDS, Aurora, ElastiCache

Client Overview

DatChat is a secure social networking app and private messenger that gives users the freedom to talk without worry through self-destructing screenshot-protected encrypted posts and messages.


DatChat needed help managing and optimizing the AWS environment. As this is a growing business, the company wants to have 24/7 monitoring coverage and cloud expertise to configure Amazon Web Services (AWS), both for cost and performance.


ClearScale began providing managed services, which include 24/7/365 monitoring and platform management, performed AWS services optimization, and assigned a dedicated DBA team to address any database issues.


During the architecture audit, the ClearScale MSP DevOps team outlined some actions related to the security scope and environment optimization. The security audit helped with basic security settings, along with WAF and VPN configurations.

The MSP DevOps team also suggested optimizing the service relations and even architecture redesign.

The database review was handled by the ClearScale DBA team. The major scope was to migrate the existing Amazon RDS database to the Amazon Aurora cluster. This helped to optimize database performance and reduce AWS costs by setting up autoscaling.

Along with the RDS migration task, the team performed the following actions:

  • RDS SSL/TLS Certificates renewal
  • Data encryption at rest implementation
  • SQL performance tuning
  • Amazon Aurora read replicas

Currently, the ClearScale MSP team is working on the database DR plan implementation.

To learn more about ClearScale’s Cloud Managed Services, visit https://www.clearscale.com/services/cloud-managed-services