Your OneSource Solution Migrates to AWS in Weeks Rather Than Months


Your OneSource Solution wanted to migrate to the AWS cloud quickly in order to keep up with rapid growth.


ClearScale helped the client make the move in a matter of weeks and educated the internal development team about the process along the way.


Your OneSource Solution now has a more secure, scalable, and flexible IT infrastructure, allowing the company to keep up with its fast-growing user base.

AWS Services

Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty

Executive Summary

Your OneSource Solution is a Georgia-based company with two divisions – one that offers financial planning for individuals and a second that provides technology solutions for businesses. On the technology side, Your OneSource Solution specializes in the K-12 and city and county government sectors, delivering all-in-one HR, finance, and payroll services.

Recently, Your OneSource Solution approached ClearScale about moving to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. ClearScale stepped in to help the client execute the migration and teach the internal development team how to take full advantage of the platform going forward.

The Challenge

Prior to migrating to AWS, Your OneSource Solution was using GoDaddy for some managed services, which required renting GoDaddy hardware on a month-by-month basis. While this worked initially, Your OneSource Solution’s technology team knew the model would eventually fall behind. The company’s new software division was growing quickly, highlighting the need for better tech scalability. The obvious path forward involved moving to the cloud to minimize hardware-related work, whether on-premise or remote.

Your OneSource Solution reached out to AWS to discuss a possible migration. Given the client’s limited cloud exposure and business requirements, AWS referred the company to ClearScale – an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the AWS Migration competency and more than a decade of experience supporting cloud migrations.

"It would have taken us six months to learn what we needed to know about AWS and complete the migration. ClearScale did it in a few weeks. Their technical knowledge and experience were instrumental in helping us sustain our exponential growth."
Gavin Merwin
Chief Technology Officer, Your OneSource Solution

The ClearScale Solution

Before following through with the migration, ClearScale educated Your OneSource Solution on the details and benefits of AWS. Though the client’s development team certainly had the capacity to figure out the migration process, it made more sense to offload that work to a partner like ClearScale who could do everything faster.

As part of the preparation stage, ClearScale built a roadmap that explained how the client would get to the cloud and what would happen after. Once both sides were aligned, ClearScale executed the migration to keep Your OneSource Solution’s costs down. The majority of the migration was complete within four weeks. Remaining assets were transferred over the following month. ClearScale also handed over documentation with key information pertaining to the client’s new cloud infrastructure.

The Benefits

Immediately, Your OneSource Solution’s scalability and flexibility skyrocketed. The company’s technology team can now add (or subtract) resources with only a few clicks to keep up with rising demand. Additionally, the company’s technology stack is much more secure overall. A post-migration penetration test revealed that Your OneSource Solution’s application was tremendously clean from a vulnerability standpoint.

Moreover, thanks to ClearScale’s work, Your OneSource Solution was able to accelerate its learning curve on AWS. The company was up and running quickly with its new cloud infrastructure and now can explore exciting growth opportunities. As the internal development team gains cloud experience, Your OneSource Solution will continue its rapid upward growth trajectory.