ClearScale Keeps Fast-Growing FinTech Platform Online


SavvyMoney’s in-house development team needed help maintaining the company’s infrastructure, platform, and software as the business grew, all while still deploying new features and updates.


ClearScale began providing managed services, which include 24/7/365 monitoring and platform management, as well as technical expertise to address issues as they arise.


SavvyMoney’s tech team can now focus on the company’s roadmap rather than on monitoring its AWS infrastructure at all times, freeing up capacity to continue providing exceptional services to banking institutions everywhere.

Executive Summary

California-based SavvyMoney is a financial services Software-as-a-Service provider that enables financial institutions to integrate credit score functionality into their existing online applications. As a result, end users can see their credit score information alongside their day-to-day banking activity. SavvyMoney’s solution is also designed to help banks and credit unions identify high-potential lending opportunities based on user credit score data. Overall, SavvyMoney serves over 400 financial institutions.

As SavvyMoney has grown, the company has continued to stay in front of its IT infrastructure requirements. A key success factor in that effort has been working with ClearScale, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner with 11 AWS competencies.

Previously, ClearScale helped SavvyMoney re-architect and optimize its SaaS platform, as well as deploy a new AWS environment to enhance overall scalability. More recently, SavvyMoney started leveraging ClearScale’s Managed Services to free up developer capacity for forward-looking projects.

The Challenge

In the past, the SavvyMoney team had to be on call in case major issues occurred with the company’s core application or platform. There was always the possibility that something could go wrong that required his and his team’s attention or insight. SavvyMoney’s customers and partners are spread across all time zones in the US. As with most companies, SavvyMoney performs application maintenance, upgrades, any batch jobs required, and any system monitoring at night.

As SavvyMoney’s user base grew, it became difficult for the in-house development team to monitor the company’s IT infrastructure closely on top of deploying new features and updates. SavvyMoney wanted to find a solution that would enable their architects, designers, and business analysts to focus more on the company's roadmap.

Furthermore, as a cloud-native FinTech startup, SavvyMoney needed expertise up and down the full technical stack. The company wanted the best talent available for optimizing performance at the infrastructure, platform, and software levels. However, it’s difficult to do that cost-effectively when hiring full-time employees.

Fortunately, ClearScale was a natural fit to address SavvyMoney’s needs.

The Benefits

After several successful engagements, SavvyMoney decided to bring in ClearScale again, this time for the consultancy’s managed services.

ClearScale now provides 24/7/365 monitoring and platform management for SavvyMoney’s AWS infrastructure. As a result, SavvyMoney’s internal developers can focus on enhancing the company’s core offerings while ClearScale optimizes for cloud performance.

ClearScale also identifies and solves issues on SavvyMoney’s behalf, in many cases without having to pull the company’s internal resources away from their work. ClearScale has both the skill to conduct managed services and the technical expertise to implement fixes.

In one instance in particular, ClearScale was able to develop a workaround for a large-scale outage that affected companies all over the U.S. The ClearScale team helped get SavvyMoney’s application up and running within a few hours, much faster than most organizations were able to come back online.

Additionally, ClearScale’s AWS specialization enables the company to come alongside SavvyMoney and provide tailored recommendations, even as the company’s infrastructure grows more complex.

Ready for the Future

Today, SavvyMoney considers ClearScale to be a vital, yet cost-effective partner in supporting the company’s core FinTech SaaS platform. ClearScale provides ongoing managed services and development expertise whenever needed to ensure that SavvyMoney’s IT infrastructure can scale and deliver services to clients everywhere.

More important, SavvyMoney’s technology ecosystem is designed for long-term success. The company takes full advantage of AWS and does not have to worry about whether its IT stack can evolve with the company’s ambitious growth plans.

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