MMP Living Migrates to AWS, Increases IT Scalability and Performance


MMP Living needed to upgrade from an on-premises data center to improve the scalability, dependability, and security of its platform.


ClearScale guided MMP Living through a smooth migration to the AWS cloud and optimized the retailer’s cloud environment for future growth.


MMP Living’s IT infrastructure is now much more efficient, reliable, and capable of handling peak demand without requiring more effort from a small technology team.

AWS Services

Amazon EC2, Amazon S3

Executive Summary

Established in 2008, MMP Living is an online retailer that sells a wide range of products, from kitchen supplies to children’s toys, and helps other brands navigate the modern eCommerce landscape. The MMP Living platform, specifically, serves as an easy-to-navigate, product-focused front end interface for the Amazon marketplace that enables other vendors and suppliers to reach people across the globe.

After relying on an on-premises data center for years, MMP Living wanted to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and give its IT infrastructure a long-overdue makeover. The eCommerce company brought in an AWS specialist, ClearScale, to support the migration and modernize key aspects of the online retailer’s technology ecosystem.

The Challenge

Up until recently, MMP Living was using an on-premises data center with hardware that had reached the end-of-life stage. This was a problem given that MMP Living’s business model depended on being able to use data to make informed and fluid decisions about which products to sell. Ideally, the company wanted to focus primarily on high-margin products and have the ability to pivot quickly if market dynamics were to change.

On top of that, demand for the company’s services had risen fast, which meant MMP Living needed more IT compute capacity. Plus, MMP Living wanted to ensure its platform was as secure and dependable as it could be. Given these requirements, the retailer decided it was time to move to AWS to improve the scalability, agility, and security of its platform.

However, the retailer had a small in-house team of technologists and needed more hands on deck for the migration. MMP Living hired ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with the AWS Migration competency and extensive experience with large-scale cloud migrations, to ensure a successful migration journey.

"It was a very easy decision for us to go with ClearScale. I recommend them as a partner for your cloud computing projects. ClearScale will really understand your business and they'll come up with a solution that makes sense for your needs. Our business is stronger because of the work that they did with us."
Michael Mitchell
Founder/COO, MMP Living

The ClearScale Solution

ClearScale worked closely with MMP Living to understand exactly what the retailer hoped to accomplish by moving to AWS. After clarifying key business requirements and future goals, ClearScale led MMP Living through a smooth migration. Both sides were in constant contact throughout the engagement, and MMP Living’s IT team always knew what was happening with its infrastructure.

On top of executing the migration, ClearScale helped MMP Living develop and deploy new IT architecture, implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation, and create a new production environment. These updates were crucial for setting MMP Living up for what it wanted to accomplish in 2022 and beyond.

The Benefits

Thanks to ClearScale’s support, MMP Living now has a fully optimized cloud environment on the AWS platform that can support the retailer’s growth going forward. The eCommerce company’s small IT team can easily manage the new ecosystem, and the reliability, dependability, and speed of MMP Living’s platform have all improved significantly. In addition, the retailer’s data is more secure, and the leadership team is fully confident that its website will stay online, even during the busiest times of the year.

Another key benefit of working with ClearScale is that MMP Living’s technology team was able to learn a lot about the AWS platform directly from ClearScale’s engineers. MMP Living now has institutional knowledge regarding how to succeed on the leading cloud platform in the world. Furthermore, the retailer will be able to provide more value to brand customers, specifically, who are trying to grow their own Amazon eCommerce businesses.