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Cloud Security Services

We develop cloud architectures with security and governance in mind. For organizations that require Global and National security compliance we offer high level cloud security services to support mission-critical infrastructures.

Cloud Security Services

We help our customers to comply with these security standards and more:

  • ISO 27000 family of standards
  • System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports
  • FedRAMP

Our professional and experienced engineers ensure that your cloud deployments are always available, communication channels are encrypted, and data is protected both in-transit and at rest.

In order to provide secure and reliable enterprise-level cloud deployments, ClearScale follows AWS cloud Security Best Practices and ensures all latest AWS security services and controls are in place.

ClearScale also works with AWS GovCloud, an isolated AWS region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

We can improve your security management through:

  • Cloud security best practices
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of your environment including both application and infrastructure levels
  • Preparation of remediation reports
  • Risks mitigation
  • Information systems’ reconfiguration and hardening

ClearScale has performed numerous information security audits and successfully assisted various customers with their compliance needs.

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Influence Health Cloud Case Study

With more than 1,100 healthcare providers using Influence Health solutions, the company needed to migrate to a larger, faster, and more flexible cloud implementation. Also, Influence Health needed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, increase demand for larger patient databases and automated data transformation, and implement a new architectural design. Learn how ClearScale helped Influence Health to migrate their CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS.

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Jumlo Cloud Case Study

SF Match had been experiencing performance degradation and availability issues due to their continued organic growth, aging hardware, legacy technologies, and several single points of failure in their architecture. Also, SFMatch needed to meet PCI compliance requirements for enhanced security. Learn how ClearScale helped SFMatch migrate to AWS in order to provide the flexibility and enhanced security they needed to grow and modernize their operations.

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Wear Safe Cloud Case Study

To meet high demand and very strict security requirements, WearSafe needed to build their Personal Safety IoT Platform on AWS. Learn how ClearScale helped WearSafe with the deployment of the new platform leveraging security best practices, AWS IoT, third-party tools, and DevOps techniques.

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Jumio is the global leader in digital identity verification using computer vision, biometrics, and human review to connect a person’s online with their real-world identities. Because Jumio code base was sound and built on a modern technology stack, the company recognized that much of their existing infrastructure needed to be migrated to AWS. Learn how ClearScale helped Jumio to migrate its platform from Rackspace to AWS improving security, performance, and scalability.

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