Keep Your Applications Safe

Securing cloud-native applications is no easy feat. Cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated every day. Users are exchanging more data than ever. And customers want more control over their experiences, making it hard for organizations to strike the balance between performance and security.

Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a vast library of security solutions that integrate seamlessly with one another and build on the most robust global cloud infrastructure in the world. And with ClearScale’s help, organizations can implement the ideal combination of security rules, processes, and services to keep applications safe without compromising customer experiences.

“ClearScale provided us the boost we needed to get our applications consolidated to AWS in a way that meets best practices around scalability, security, and availability.”

- Rupen Patel, CTO of Influence Health

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Our Cloud Application Security Services

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    Detailed Access Controls

    Give only the right people access to your applications with two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and nuanced user permissions, all of which can be configured directly in AWS.

  • Performance Monitoring icon

    Performance Monitoring

    Stay on top of all activity related to your applications - resources consumed, log events, overall performance, etc. - that can indicate when something might be amiss.

  • Purpose-built Solutions icon

    Purpose-built Solutions

    Take advantage of AWS solutions, such as AWS Web Application Firewall, that keep web apps and APIs safe from common hacking attempts.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Custom Security Rules

Configure AWS security tools to your unique needs to strengthen your security posture, boost perimeter defense, and improve proactive threat hunting.

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Increased Visibility

Gain complete visibility into your applications and infrastructure, creating more opportunities to identify misconfigurations and gaps in your app security rules.

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Security Automation

Integrate a variety of AWS security tools to automate manual workflows and facilitate collaboration between IT security professionals, developers, and ops teams.

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