Build a Better Foundation

Your IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of all future cloud endeavors. Without proper infrastructure, it’s hard to take advantage of new technologies, launch modern applications, automate essential tasks, and more.

That’s why ClearScale provides cloud infrastructure audit services for clients in all industries. We know how to evaluate and finetune cloud infrastructure to meet ambitious growth targets. And thanks to our AWS expertise, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to create the cloud ecosystem you need to be successful going forward.

“ClearScale truly feels like a part of our team. ClearScale’s engineers are there for us throughout the week and throughout the month. They’re part of our deployment process. They’re part of our security management efforts. They play an important role in our uptime management and monitoring. And they are critical in keeping our infrastructure moving forward.”

- Richard Walker, CEO, Quik!

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Our Monitoring & Alerting Services

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    Complete Infrastructure Audit

    Assess all IT resources, discover potential security vulnerabilities, review billing reports, and more to gain a full understanding of your current state.

  • Infrastructure Rightsizing icon

    Infrastructure Rightsizing

    Provision instances that match your workloads, storage classes, and volume usage so that you never have more or less IT power than you need.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Incident Management icon

    Infrastructure Monitoring & Incident Management

    Identify cloud infrastructure issues as soon as they surface, and make changes that address challenging root cause problems.

Boost Infrastructure Performance on AWS

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Infrastructure Automation

Reduce manual workflows and human error by automating infrastructure management processes that would otherwise consume valuable resources.

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Managed Services

Leverage third-party managed services to free up IT talent, and lean on the expertise of long-time cloud specialists.

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Bolster Security

Stay on top of software updates, security protocols, logging activity, and other areas to ward off potential threats to your ecosystem.