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Healthcare Cloud Services

Healthcare Cloud Services

Legacy on-prem infrastructure and hardware don’t offer enough efficiency, flexibility, and security anymore. With the continued organic growth and constantly evolving advancement in technology, a lot of healthcare providers realize that it’s a perfect time to modernize their operations by moving to the cloud.

Healthcare organizations want to focus on their core competencies and deliver features and services in an agile manner. Managing a data center and the compliance controls related to on-premise installations is a huge operational overhead and distraction from their mission. The process to procure and install physical assets further increases service delivery times.

A powerful cloud platform like AWS (Amazon Web Services) that offers scalable, secure and inexpensive on-demand services have attracted numerous healthcare companies. But whether these companies are in the beginning of their cloud journeys or expanding their cloud-based solutions, migration to AWS Cloud can seem intimidating without proper expertise and resources. Understanding the responsibilities matrix and HIPAA controls when working with public cloud infrastructure and services can be difficult. The shift to cloud technologies can impact policies, process, and procedures regulated by HIPAA controls.

ClearScale’s healthcare cloud services helped a number of healthcare providers, including UCSF, DiscoverX, Trendshift, SFMatch, and Influence Health with their cloud migration, SaaS, and DevOps projects on AWS. With our help, these companies were able to get all the business improvements they needed: saved cost, improved operational efficiency, regulated workload, streamlined collaboration, and more, all thanks to ClearScale’s dedicated highly skilled team of AWS certified engineers and tremendous capabilities of AWS platform.

As an AWS premier consulting partner with extensive experience performing migrations, SaaS, and DevOps projects for healthcare organizations, ClearScale’s healthcare cloud services can help you design and build a safe, HIPPA compliant, scalable, and highly reliable cloud-based solution on AWS in a fast and most efficient manner. We want your team to focus on innovation and strategy, while we focus on technology.

Our HealthCare Cloud Services:

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Trendshift Cloud Case Study

TrendShift, one of our clients in the Healthcare industry, needed to improve and expand their web-based SaaS application. They also needed a solution that would integrate easily with open-source platforms while still offering robust security to protect sensitive information. Learn how ClearScale helped Trendshift build a safe, HIPAA compliant, and highly scalable solution.

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DiscoverX Cloud Case Study

DiscoverX Bioinformatics had been delivering their applications and services to internal customers based on client-server architecture for a number of years. With advancements in technology and cloud services, DiscoverX saw an opportunity to optimize their operations. They needed to deploy an application that hosts a drug testing database on AWS as a SaaS. Learn how ClearScale helped DiscoverX build a cloud-native SaaS delivery platform with increased scalability and infrastructure resiliency in mind.

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SF Match Cloud Case Study

SF Match had been experiencing performance degradation and availability issues due to their continued organic growth, aging hardware, legacy technologies, and several single points of failure in their architecture. They desired to migrate to AWS in order to provide the flexibility they needed to grow and modernize their operations. Learn how ClearScale helped them migrate legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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Influence Health Cloud Case Study

With more than 1,100 healthcare providers using Influence Health solutions, the company needed to migrate to a larger, faster, and more flexible cloud implementation. Also, Influence Health needed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, increase demand for larger patient databases and automated data transformation, and implement a new architectural design. Learn how ClearScale helped Influence Health migrate their CRM and Marketing Platform from Azure to AWS.

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