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Mobile App Development

ClearScale has a full mobile app development and mobile backend development practice on AWS and earned a Mobile competency. We deliver end-to-end solutions for companies with mobile needs.

We specialize in building iOS and Android applications for mobile devices. In addition, ClearScale develops, automates, and deploys the AWS backends that support the mobile applications we develop. We leverage some of the key AWS services to build cohesive mobile solutions including API Gateway, SNS, Lambda, and more.

If clients require ongoing support, ClearScale offers managed services to support their mobile solutions, including development and infrastructure management.

ClearScale has designed and built mobile applications and cloud infrastructure for many mobile app development use cases, including:

  • Recommendation engine for The Globe and Mail’s mobile application. The Globe was launching a new mobile application for readers to access the newspaper’s stories and breaking news on their mobile devices. Solutions included Amazon EMR, Kinesis, DynamoDB, RDS, SNS, and SQS for high volume transaction processing, data consumption and storage, analysis, and creation of recommendations. Read the case study.
  • Music and radio mobile app for MobSoc Media along with the API that fronts the entire AWS infrastructure. The mobile app was a native iOS application written in Objective C. ClearScale designed, developed, automated, and deployed the entire AWS infrastructure. Read the case study.
  • Video aggregation platform mobile app for a video aggregator whose platform collects content from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers and allows users to view that content from a single interface. ClearScale worked with the client to develop iOS and Android applications for this platform and architected, developed, automated, and deployed the entire infrastructure to support their mobile applications. ClearScale created a solution using AWS, Chef, and CloudWatch to create and scale environments on demand.

Globe and Mail Cloud Case Study

“I was impressed with ClearScale’s ability to deliver such a complex yet robust, custom system, within our tight timelines. They are extremely capable — we chose the right vendor.”

Michael O’Neill
Director of Data Science

Mob Soc Media Cloud Case Study

“ClearScale has been very valuable in our efforts to operationalize and scale our SaaS platform. They have strong technical resources that accelerate our delivery capability and bring valuable experience to our development team.”

Clayton Bolz
VP of Engineering

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