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Partnering with you is a big part of our proven methodology

Nobody knows your business like you do. That’s why our process begins with understanding your company’s needs, challenges, and goals.


We listen and ask questions

Every project begins with a discovery phase that includes a needs assessment by a cloud specialist. We review your budget, timeline, technology needs, and internal processes to determine the level of support you require.

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We add our expertise

Based on your project requirements, we assign our senior-level architects, engineers, and project managers to complement or supplement your internal IT or development teams.

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We use the right technology

We leverage the best technology available to provide a solution that is unique to your project requirements. We design, develop, and deploy the systems and applications tailored to your infrastructure requirements. Once the deployment is complete, we test and refine to ensure absolute success.

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We stay engaged

We are available for as long as you need us. We offer several managed services and ongoing maintenance options, as well as training to support your internal teams and prepare them for transition.

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ClearScale provides hard to find breadth in cloud and enterprise development, coupled with practical implementation capability. They have delivered a wide variety of tasks ranging from database integration, service development, performance and the control dashboard. I am impressed with the timeliness on delivery and capability to expand staffing as needed. ClearScale is a great asset to any team.

Brent Richtsmeier, Vice President Samsung Research of America

ClearScale’s technical capability, impeccable support, and timely attention to detail were essential to the success of our social game launch. ClearScale was a great partner to the team.

Laura McEwen, Vice President & Publisher Condé Nast

Clearscale was an obvious pick to help us plan for the launch of the supporting site for the Our Planet series and to help us during the critical launch window. Without ClearScale helping us, the launch would not have gone as smoothly.

Noah Patterson, Lead Engineer Web and Apps World Wildlife Fund

ClearScale helped us strategically and tactically migrate from a physical hosting environment to a robust and scalable AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Michael Chandler, Director Shinola Detroit

We needed to set up a sophisticated environment using all the advanced features of AWS, and ClearScale partnered with us to deliver it in record time. ClearScale can execute on the toughest projects.

Karl Armani, Head of Infrastructure, Security and Operations Medallia

I was impressed with ClearScale’s ability to deliver such a complex yet robust, custom system, within our tight timelines. They are extremely capable – we chose the right vendor.

Michael O’Neill, Director of Data Science Globe and Mail

We decided to place a lot of trust in the ClearScale team to help us craft an enterprise-class solution on AWS. After more than two years on AWS, we have been very satisfied.

Adam Frantz, Director of IT NetLook

ClearScale has been very valuable in our efforts to operationalize and scale our SaaS platform. They have strong technical resources that accelerate our delivery capability and bring valuable experience to our development team.

Clayton Bolz, Partner IT Agility

ClearScale has been a trusted partner assisting with the management and planning of our mission-critical production infrastructure.

Mark Shlimovich, Director of Engineering Mixbook

Our company had limited knowledge of the cloud, but the ClearScale team of cloud experts provided exceptional solutions and critical guidance that made our project a success. The team was a calming influence during the inevitable stressful times of the project.

Joe Kaiping, Director Backpage

ClearScale designed, deployed, and maintains our complex and high traffic media delivery infrastructure. They have years of experience in the cloud and it shows.

Chuck Baker, CEO FileBlaze

Without ClearScale, our hybrid cloud initiative would have taken many months longer. ClearScale was instrumental in getting the project off the ground, and they helped install, configure, and train our staff. We highly recommend their services.

Glenn Schlatter, Sr. Director, Infrastructure Source Interlink Companies

ClearScale designed, implemented, and currently maintains our entire cloud infrastructure. They’ve done a great job for us and we will continue to work with them.

Jeff Hobbs, Director of Geographic and Web Systems San Jose Water Company

ClearScale quickly provided a comprehensive application and architecture analysis that resulted in improvements to our site’s response time and optimized database queries. I’ve been impressed by ClearScale’s quick follow-up, thoroughness of work, and wide-ranging advice.

Doug Harrold, Project Manager ChatChing

We chose ClearScale to help us craft an enterprise-class solution on AWS that has been more stable, immensely more powerful, and much more flexible than our previous traditional hosting provider could hope to provide.

Adam Frantz, Director of IT NetLook

ClearScale has been very valuable in our efforts to operationalize and scale our SaaS platform. They have strong technical resources that accelerate our delivery capability and bring valuable experience to our development team.

Clayton Bolz, Partner IT Agility

ClearScale was selected as a partner to rebuild our analytical software based on their proven experience in building out scalable platforms for Web applications. They provided the overall platform architecture design and build, as well as quickly became an integrated member of our DevOps team. It’s a model that has proven successful in executing our software development roadmap.

Christopher W. Clarke, Vice President DiscoverX Corporation

Clearscale focused on the heavy-lifting and applied best practices to ensure that our systems scaled with our growing business. They implemented automation and provided responsive support after our engagement had completed. We were spared the problem of splitting finite resources and this allowed us to focus on running our business and get to the cloud at the same time.

Brian Shields, Director of Software Engineering, Web & Advertising Boingo Wireless