Lower Cloud IT Costs

The AWS cloud is always improving, which means more chances to increase IT performance and reduce infrastructure costs. However, organizations with limited engineering time and capacity often miss out on valuable opportunities to take advantage of these benefits.

ClearScale provides managed services on the AWS cloud to help clients cut unnecessary spending for their IT ecosystem while boosting performance. We’ll audit your infrastructure regularly and provide ongoing optimization support so that you’re never overpaying to deliver exceptional services to customers.

“ClearScale truly feels like a part of our team. ClearScale’s engineers are there for us throughout the week and throughout the month. They’re part of our deployment process. They’re part of our security management efforts. They play an important role in our uptime management and monitoring. And they are critical in keeping our infrastructure moving forward.”

- Richard Walker, CEO, Quik!

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Our Cost Optimization Services

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    Platform Audits

    Conduct regular infrastructure audits to identify cost-optimization opportunities and discover underused resources that eat into your IT budget.

  • Rightsize Instances icon

    Rightsize Instances

    Provision instances that align directly with your volume usage, workloads, and storage classes to eliminate wasteful spending.

  • Billing Monitoring icon

    Billing Monitoring

    Implement tools like AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Trusted Advisor, and AWS Budgets to understand your spending thoroughly.

Maximize IT Cost-efficiency with ClearScale and AWS

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Optimize Storage

Develop a comprehensive retention and backup policy that maximizes the value of your storage infrastructure.

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Catch Overspending

Discover immediately when your daily charges exceed predefined thresholds so you can prevent unexpectedly large bills.

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Thorough Investigations

Dig into services that cause spikes in IT costs and make changes to avoid preventable issues in the future.