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One of the fastest ways to move mission-critical applications to the cloud, especially large-scale assets, is to execute a rehosting, or “lift-and-shift,” migration. With lift-and-shift migrations, the goal is getting to the cloud as quickly as possible. Optimization and modernization come next.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, ClearScale can help you complete your lift-and-shift project with minimal disruption or downtime. We’ve helped organizations across all industries move their most important applications to the AWS cloud, paving the way for exciting growth opportunities. Contact one of our cloud migration experts today to get started.

“ClearScale had the expertise we required to migrate our services quickly and seamlessly from an on-premises environment into AWS, while also adapting new technologies for current and future growth. These technologies provide us much needed flexibility, allow us to save on costs, and provide additional capacity in times of high demand to scale up and down with our customers' needs!”

Mykola Machnowsky, VP, Infrastructure and Security

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Our Lift-and-Shift Migration Services

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    Migration Readiness Assessment

    Conduct a thorough lift-and-shift migration readiness assessment and identify capability gaps that need addressing before moving forward.

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    Migration Planning

    Create a detailed roadmap of your lift-and-shift migration and begin preparing your team for the upcoming transition.

  • Migration Execution icon

    Migration Execution

    Execute the lift-and-shift migration as quickly and seamlessly as possible without affecting day-to-day operations or customer experiences.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Lower Costs

Take advantage of AWS’ pay-as-you-go pricing, and minimize infrastructure maintenance costs that come with managing on-prem IT.

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Performance Optimization

Take your new cloud applications to the next level, and create incremental value for the organization.

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Faster Cloud Transition

Accelerate your move to the leading public cloud platform in the world, and gain access to game-changing cloud technologies.

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