Maintain Your Complex IoT Network

Deploying IoT networks is one thing. Keeping them running well is another, especially as organizations deploy more devices and collect larger volumes of data.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifies IoT maintenance by giving platform users the tools and solutions they need to secure, control, and manage devices in the field. The hard part is knowing how to use these services to their full potential to drive business outcomes.

With ClearScale’s IoT expertise, leaders have everything they need to maintain their IoT networks, no matter how complex. We’ll help you design the ideal IoT application and set up the infrastructure you need to generate value for customers over the long term.

“When we embarked on this complex data analytics project, we knew that we required an expert partner to ensure it was a success. ClearScale had the AWS experience and structured approach we needed to reach all of our objectives. Thanks to ClearScale, our data and analytics platform is now even more impressive. We definitely chose the right partner for our project.”

- Benjamin W. Leff, VP of Engineering, Cloud Agronomics

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Our IoT Maintenance Services

  • AWS IoT Core icon

    AWS IoT Core

    Connect all your smart devices to the cloud without having to worry about anything related to servers.

  • AWS IoT Device Defender icon

    AWS IoT Device Defender

    Audit your IoT configurations, and keep your device fleets safe from cyber threats.

  • AWS IoT Device Management icon

    AWS IoT Device Management

    Register new devices to your networks seamlessly, and keep your entire operation organized.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Accelerate Innovation

Develop and launch innovative offerings around your IoT networks, never worrying about their reliability or security.

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Complete Scalability

Add and subtract new devices from your IoT network quickly, thanks to AWS’ robust suite of IoT solutions.

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Incorporate AI/ML

Enhance your IoT offerings by layering on AI/ML models that unlock the full potential of your IoT data.