Realize the Full Potential of Your Data

Data and analytics are paramount in today’s competitive and fast-paced world. Organizations have to collect, process, store, and analyze data effectively if they hope to offer better services and create more value.

However, to do this well, data teams need cost-effective, secure, and scalable cloud-based data warehouses. Data warehouses are essential for capturing information from enterprise applications, transactional systems, relational databases, and more.

ClearScale helps organizations determine the best possible data warehouse solution for their unique needs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Between ClearScale and AWS, leaders have the expertise and tools they need to realize the full potential of their data.

“We turned to ClearScale to design and implement a platform to capture and understand event-driven data coming out of our applications and business intelligence tools. ClearScale designed and implemented an ideal solution for us on time and under budget.”

- Richard Walker, CEO, Quik!

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Our Data Warehouse Features

  • Predetermined Batch Schedules icon

    Predetermined Batch Schedules

    Capture data in bulk at regular intervals to ensure data teams are working with the latest information available.

  • Schema-on-Write or Read icon

    Schema-on-Write or Read

    Choose your schema before implementation so that new data is curated correctly or take a schema-on-read approach for more flexibility.

  • Columnar Storage icon

    Columnar Storage

    Configure databases within your data warehouse in such a way that simplifies storage and facilitates high-speed queries for your users.

  • Maximum Data Throughput icon

    Maximum Data Throughput

    Minimize data inputs and outputs and deliver results concurrently to users all across the organization.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Single Source of Truth

Consolidate your relational data in one place so that analysts, data scientists, and engineers can all access what they need using business intelligence tools, SQL clients, and other third-party applications.

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Rapid Query Results

Optimize your data warehouse for fast SQL queries, reporting, and advanced analytics to inform decision-making and improve overall performance.

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Maintain Data Quality

Organize data according to your preferences and use cases, always ensuring information is both consistent and accurate.

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