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In the age of Big Data, choosing the right type of data storage is crucial. There’s simply too much valuable information available that is worth keeping and evaluating. Without proper data storage infrastructure, today’s data engineers miss out on valuable insights that elevate decision-making, services, and customer experiences.

On the AWS cloud, organizations have the freedom to store all of their data and configure infrastructure according to their specific needs. And with ClearScale’s help, you have experienced cloud data experts at your disposal who understand how to maximize data storage performance on AWS for even the most complex applications.

“When it came time to upgrade our legacy database, we recognized an opportunity to modernize in the cloud and improve the availability and scalability of our core application. But we also recognized that we needed an expert partner with significant experience in complex AWS migration and modernization projects. We found that partner in ClearScale and were rewarded with a new solution that will both save us money and support our ambitious growth plans.”

- John Davis, VP of Product, eTeamSponsor

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Our Data Storage Services

  • Data Pipeline Setup icon

    Data Pipeline Setup

    Create a data ingestion pipeline that pulls in data from all your critical sources and prepares it for further processing.

  • Data Lake Setup icon

    Data Lake Setup

    Consolidate all of your unstructured data in one place on the cloud, and implement key transformations to prepare it for other storage infrastructure.

  • Database Setup icon

    Database Setup

    Choose from a multitude of managed database options on AWS that offer better performance at a fraction of the cost.

  • Data Warehouse Setup icon

    Data Warehouse Setup

    Set the stage for big data analytics with powerful and secure data warehousing solutions from AWS.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Unlimited Scalability

Store massive volumes of data from a variety of sources without worrying about capacity constraints or compute.

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Cost-effective Storage Options

Choose from a wide range of cloud data storage types to fit your organization’s use cases.

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Advanced Analytics

Perform advanced analytics on top of your data storage layer to discover deeper insights about your business and customers.

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