Build Better, More Valuable APIs

More and more organizations are developing public APIs, realizing there is a huge opportunity to monetize proprietary datasets, in addition to building high-performing fullstack applications. The hard part is managing these APIs well as user bases grow and customer needs change.

Fortunately, AWS offers a suite of tools that make building, deploying, and managing APIs easy. And with ClearScale’s help, organizations can leverage these tools to their fullest potential. We’ll help you design new APIs, decrease engineering workload, automate essential processes – whatever you need to do to reach your goals.

“Using AWS Control Tower, ClearScale quickly set up a landing zone for our organization based on best-practices. They also created several proof-of-concept architectures to give us blueprints we could use to build our solutions. This foundation allowed our engineers to very quickly develop and deploy several applications”

- Jeremy Brown, CTO, AdvisoryCloud

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Our API Management Services

  • Serverless API development icon

    Serverless API development

    Support your APIs with serverless compute so that backend engineers can spend less time on IT administration and more time developing.

  • API Usage Analytics icon

    API Usage Analytics

    Collect rich usage statistics and perform advanced analytics to discover how people are using your APIs so that you can make improvements.

  • Full Stack Cloud App Development icon

    Full Stack Cloud App Development

    Improve your own cloud application development process with dedicated solutions from AWS that optimize every part of the tech stack.

  • Managed Services icon

    Managed Services

    Leverage managed services from AWS to offload API monitoring, incident response, and more.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Better User Experiences

Empower front-end developers to make advanced queries and get what they need back faster for their own use cases.

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Increased Security

Keep data secure in your cloud data centers, as well as when it travels between backend and frontend.

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Faster API development

Accelerate your API development, and publish new endpoints faster to development teams who want to build on your hard work.

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