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What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a way of delivering internet applications as a service that are running on a SaaS provider’s servers. Sometimes, SaaS applications are called on-demand software, or hosted software. Instead of installing and maintaining software, the customers or “tenants” simply access the application via the Internet. This setup allows the customers to free themselves from software and hardware management. Typically, the SaaS provider manages application security, access rights and updates. SaaS business applications are usually accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.

ClearScale can help your organization develop a multi-tenant SaaS Application to simplify deployments, reduce IT and customer acquisition costs. SaaS Applications can support a large number of customers with a single version of a product. This multi-tenancy approach, allows customers to grow fast without developing their own applications, infrastructure or adding additional IT resources. Customers can simply “plug-in” and subscribe to the services they need built on shared infrastructure and accessed via the Internet. The model has become popular because of the many benefits it offers to businesses of all types.

SaaS Model Advantages

Multi-tenant Architecture

A multi-tenant architecture, in which all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained by the SaaS provider. This allows customers to save time on maintenance and development and focus on innovation and business growth.

Lower Cost

With SaaS model, customers pay only for what they need, without having to buy hardware to host new applications. The time to a working solution can dramatically decrease from months in the traditional model to weeks, days or hours with the SaaS model.

High Adoption Rate

Most people are familiar with using the Internet and SaaS applications can be available from any computer or device, anywhere. SaaS applications typically have lower learning curve and high adoption rates.

Simple Upgrades and Customization

The ability for each customer to easily customize applications to fit their business needs without affecting the shared infrastructure. Because of the way SaaS applications are designed, these customizations are unique to each company. That means SaaS providers can make upgrades more often, with less customer risk and much lower adoption cost.

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Coupa developed an innovative all-in-one e-procurement and spend management SaaS solution that is easier to use, faster to configure and deploy, and more cost-effective than anything available today. The company partnered with ClearScale to achieve higher deployment velocity and service availability with cloud automation and infrastructure optimization. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale developed a scalable solution that allowed Coupa drive more operational efficiency and better service for its global customers.

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Zeta Interactive

Zeta Interactive provides its customers with a software platform to manage and analyze relationships and deploy marketing campaigns. They needed a solution to assure that their infrastructure can scale to meet their growing customer demands. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale partnered with Zeta Interactive to design their network architecture and migrate it to AWS for higher Availability, operational efficiency and security.

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DiscoverX develops and manufactures reagents, complete cell-based assay kits, profiling and screening services for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. The company saw an opportunity to implement cloud-based SaaS delivery model and reduce IT management overhead. Read this case study to learn how ClearScale helped DiscoverX build a scalable solution from the ground up leveraging Infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, and AWS best practices.

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