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ClearScale partners with companies across numerous industries to help them develop and deploy high-performing SaaS applications that address unique customer demands. Our expert team understands what businesses of all sizes need when it comes to delivering digital products and services across the globe.

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Tenant Isolation

Ensure that tenant resources are isolated and secure so that they cannot be accessed by others, while still benefiting from the value of the SaaS delivery model.

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Subscription Management

Develop your SaaS solution with built-in subscription management to easily manage trials, signups, recurring billing, customer churn, and more.

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Configuration Management

Build highly configurable SaaS solutions with customizable UI capabilities that meet the unique requirements of each customer or pricing tier.

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Why Choose ClearScale as Your SaaS Application Development Consulting Partner?

Cloud-native SaaS Development Expertise

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with the AWS SaaS Competency, which means we've proven our ability to design, develop, and deploy complex SaaS applications that generate tangible results for clients. We were one of the first to earn this competency and continue to empower SaaS companies to leverage the latest technologies and tools from AWS to drive SaaS innovation.

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Rapid, Scalable SaaS Deployments

Our team has extensive experience building multi-tenant, available, and secure SaaS applications that scale with demand. We’ve helped enterprises all over the world launch new SaaS products and services quickly, enabling them to keep up with disruption in the market.

Common SaaS Use Cases

Application Development

Bring disruptive ideas to fruition with the help of purpose-built, cloud-native solutions from AWS that empower your engineers.

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Application Modernization

Refactor or replatform legacy applications into SaaS products that you can distribute easily across the web.

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AI/Machine Learning

Incorporate AI/ML behind the scenes for your digital offerings and add forecasting, personalized recommendation engines, and more to your SaaS solutions.

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“Thanks to ClearScale’s tech creativity and cloud expertise, we were able to add virtual and remote appointment capabilities to our medical coding platform. On top of that, everything is automated - appointments are recorded, transcribed, and translated for medical coding purposes by machine learning algorithms that continue to improve over time.”

- Matt Dallmann, President, Creative Practice Solutions

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“ClearScale was selected based on their extensive, proven experience in building out scalable platforms for web applications. They provided the overall platform architecture design and build, as well as quickly became an integrated member of our DevOps team. It’s a model that has proven successful in executing our software development roadmap.”

- Christopher W. Clarke, Vice President, DiscoverX Corporation

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“SavvyMoney chose the right partner! ClearScale understood our requirements, our complex integrations and delivered a secure and robust solution. We were impressed with the technical expertise, dedication, and engagement of the entire team.”

- Sonali Kurane, SavvyMoney Senior Director

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Creative Practice Solutions
Creative Practice Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) refers to a type of business model in which companies license and provide access to applications over the Internet on a subscription basis. SaaS offerings enable customers to take advantage of products and services without needing to build applications in-house or maintain them on-site. Pricing structures tend to be more flexible, and users typically don’t have to commit to rigid or punitive contracts.

What are the benefits of deploying SaaS apps on the AWS cloud?

For SaaS developers, it often makes sense to build, deliver, and maintain products on AWS. AWS empowers users with tools to manage and secure SaaS offerings, conduct advanced analytics, add new features, scale automatically, and more. Without AWS, deploying complex, in-demand SaaS applications takes significant time and energy. With AWS, companies can reduce time-to-market, increase gross margins, accelerate innovation, and boost availability.

What SaaS services does AWS offer?

AWS offers many SaaS application development services to aid development teams. For instance, through the AWS SaaS Factory program, leaders can learn what it takes to optimize SaaS offerings on AWS at any stage of the SaaS lifecycle. On the deployment side, solutions like AWS Auto Scaling and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) allow organizations to flex with demand and run serverless applications. These are just a few examples of what organizations can use on AWS in addition to having flexibility over their choice of programming languages, operating system, and databases.

How does AWS simplify SaaS security, compliance, and governance?

AWS understands the importance of SaaS security, compliance, and governance. With services like AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), users can easily control and secure resource access within applications. Amazon CloudWatch provides performance monitoring and user activity tracking. On the compliance front, AWS helps facilitate compliance for thousands of standards, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more.

How can ClearScale help me upgrade my SaaS products?

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Tier Services partner with 12 competencies, including the SaaS competency. We’ve helped organizations in many industries launch new SaaS products on the AWS cloud. We understand how to implement key features in SaaS application development services, like tenant isolation, subscription management, and configuration management for our clients. And we know how to design the ideal cloud ecosystems to ensure maximize SaaS performance over the long term.

What SaaS services does ClearScale offer?

As a cloud and SaaS expert, our team knows how to develop new SaaS products, modernize legacy SaaS offerings, and incorporate next-gen technologies into applications. We can add AI/ML capabilities behind the scenes, build recommendation engines, set up modern data infrastructure – whatever you need to take your SaaS products to the next level.