Build the Best Versions of Your Apps

One of the best ways to improve application performance is to re-architect legacy assets for the cloud. However, re-architecting applications effectively requires a deep understanding of the cloud and all that it offers. Simply moving to a provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not guarantee you’ll meet your long-term innovation or investment goals.

With ClearScale’s help, you can take full advantage of the latest cloud technologies available to build the best possible versions of your applications. We’ll help you determine your modernization needs, implement key AWS services, and make updates to your applications to create value, impress customers, and increase bottom-line profitability.

“SavvyMoney chose the right partner! ClearScale understood our requirements, our complex integrations and delivered a secure and robust solution. We were impressed with the technical expertise, dedication, and engagement of the entire team.”

- Sonali Kurane, SavvyMoney Senior Director

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Our Application Rearchitecting Services

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    Serverless Computing

    Leverage serverless architecture to simplify infrastructure management and improve workload availability related to your applications.

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    Package software into deployable containers that allow you to run applications in diverse environments.

  • Cloud-native Data Stores icon

    Cloud-native Data Stores

    Connect your applications to scalable, secure data stores that facilitate advanced analytics, complex queries, and other use cases.

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    Add AI/ML capabilities to your applications to make them more valuable and efficient over the long run.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Scale Applications

Re-architect your applications so that they can scale seamlessly with demand, always delivering top-notch performance.

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Enhance Agility

Accelerate aspects of your application development lifecycle to deliver better features and updates faster to customers.

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Simplify Operations

Hand off IT administrative responsibility to AWS through fully managed solutions that give your engineers more freedom to focus on app development.

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Learn how to modernize on-premises legacy applications on the cloud by updating infrastructure, architecture, and key features.

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