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Cloud Solutions for Education

Technology is transforming all aspects of the education sector. Powering these transformational technologies is the cloud — and ClearScale is helping clients in the education field take advantage of the opportunities.

What We Do


ClearScale develops cloud-powered applications that incorporate fast, reliable, and secure data-gathering processing and analysis capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and other technologies that our clients in the education field need to transform their ideas into reality.

We also architect the infrastructure solutions that not only support new apps, but help optimize existing apps as well. When appropriate, we employ options such as serverless computing and/or managed services to eliminate the need for infrastructure management and free up valuable IT resources.

How We Do It

ClearScale’s knowledge and expertise spans a wide range of technologies, application languages, and frameworks. Our team of cloud architects and solution innovators are highly trained and hold multiple certifications.

Even more importantly, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients across a wide array of industries and customer types, including those in the education sector. We’re able to draw upon lessons learned and best practices, as well as our innate talents and skills, to develop solutions for academic institutions and EdTech companies.

Agile and DevOps methodologies play key roles in our processes as well, so we can deliver solutions more quickly and reliably.

Why AWS Expertise Matters

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive, broadly adopted cloud platform. It also offers one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of services for developing solutions to facilitate teaching, learning, student engagement, collaboration, and better outcomes.

AWS includes purpose-built databases, Big Data processing and analytics services, artificial intelligence (AI) services (i.e., for developing conversational interfaces), machine learning (ML) services for data scientists, and many others.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, ClearScale possesses proven expertise and experience in the use of AWS services and best practices. That enables us to help our education clients by developing robust, scalable solutions.

Our Education Cloud Services

  • Cloud Strategy

    Partner with ClearScale to plan your move to the cloud or expand your existing cloud deployment based on best practices derived from hundreds of successes.

  • Cloud Migration

    Reap the benefits of the cloud and let ClearScale help you migrate your apps and infrastructure there from anywhere.

  • Deployment

    Count on ClearScale to quickly deploy new apps in the cloud for students, faculty, institutions, and other audiences, as well as the required infrastructure.

  • Automation

    Let ClearScale automate your infrastructure and app deployment with the leading infrastructure-as-code, configuration management, CI/CD software, and container-orchestration systems.

  • Application Development

    Transform ideas into action with cloud-native apps, optimized to run at any scale, and with legacy apps updated for optimal performance in the cloud.

  • Big Data

    Work with ClearScale to design and develop solutions that gather, stream, store, and process vast amounts of data for and from your apps and IoT devices.

  • Managed Services

    Hand off the day-to-day management of your cloud infrastructure to ClearScale, so you can focus on core business endeavors.

  • Security and Governance

    Protect sensitive student data, research information, and more, while ensuring your cloud deployment meets strict security and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Education Case Studies


ClearScale worked with a software company to develop a cloud-based solution that provides intelligence to help predict how successful candidates might be in college. The solution, which leverages Amazon Machine Learning and other AWS services, also allows institutions to track students’ progress and foresee patterns or potential barriers to academic life.

Read the Case Study


ClearScale collaborated with a university to develop a cloud-based platform that enables researchers to quickly deploy their own environments already embedded with security and compliance controls. The solution has increased infrastructure delivery speeds by 90 times, enabled bursts in capacity to cost effectively handle transient workloads, reduced overall risk, and enhanced patient data security.

Read the Case Study


ClearScale assisted an EdTech firm in architecting and migrating to a new AWS Cloud environment. With the infrastructure distributed across multiple Availability Zones, there’s no longer a single point of failure. With improved monitoring, the firm has deep insight into the infrastructure's health and current load. In addition, it now only pays for the resources it uses, reducing infrastructure costs.

Read the Case Study


A long-time partnership with ClearScale is enabling an EdTech firm to deliver increasingly innovative video capabilities to its educational and corporate users. The company’s video services were vastly improved with a ClearScale solution featuring scalability and AWS multi-region setup, advanced automation and built-in troubleshooting mechanisms. In addition, the use of the efficient AWS platform and advanced streaming services have reduced costs.

Read the Case Study

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