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Thanks to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s easier than ever for research teams to harness the power of high-performance computing (HPC), serverless infrastructure, AI/ML, and other next-gen technologies to study complex topics. The challenge is knowing how to use the cloud to its full potential without making matters more complicated for IT departments.

ClearScale has helped medical research teams build robust AWS environments that support cutting-edge research. We’ll work with you to design, maintain, and optimize the ideal cloud ecosystem so that you can tackle that next big project.

“ACR’s focus was to bring speed and agility to end-to-end data pipelines for faster and continuous data delivery for analytics. We were looking for a partner that could work with our team to build a data lake that would allow us to process and add new datasets easily. ClearScale helped in a variety of areas including creation of a serverless data platform to ingest data from various data sources, automated data cataloging, and creation of a scalable datastore for business analytics and reporting.”

- Shree Periakaruppan, Director of Data Engineering and Analytics

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Our AWS Medical Research Solutions

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    Data Management & Security

    Set up secure, cloud-native data lakes and warehouses, along with key AWS security tools, to protect high volumes of sensitive health data.

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    High-performance Computing (HPC)

    Leverage HPC to improve forecasting, analytical rigor, and overall IT performance across your organization’s many research lanes.Leverage HPC to improve forecasting, analytical rigor, and overall IT performance across your organization’s many research lanes.

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    Build a robust MLOps capability using fully managed AWS tools to improve ML ROI, analytical accuracy, and long-term research outcomes.

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    Automated Deployments

    Set up secure, multi-account AWS environments in just a few clicks, leveraging centralized security controls, to store and process data for research initiatives.

Unlock Your Research Potential with ClearScale and AWS

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Decrease IT Costs

Take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing for compute and storage and cut IT costs associated with your research objectives.

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Ensure Data Security

Keep sensitive patient data safe from outside threats, and maintain regulatory compliance across all research initiatives.

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Accelerate Delivery

Spin up new research initiatives quickly and give investigators the digital environments they need to continue digging into important areas.

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