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Automate Cloud with a Self-Service Portal

Cloud Self-Service empowers your end users to provision their own cloud resources on-demand and helps IT and operations teams eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on high-value projects.

Self-service is ideal for routine processes that are standardized and repetitive such as:

  • Building deployment templates
  • Deploying entire cloud environments
  • Deploying applications
  • Stopping and starting servers
  • Managing running costs
  • Managing users and permissions levels
  • Only exposing needed functionality to end users

ClearScale builds custom self-service portals that are powerful and take advantage of cutting-edge cloud technologies. A self-service portal can be as simple or as complex as your unique requirements demand. Our Cloud Self-Service Portal offering is highly available with full automation. ClearScale can integrate with any AWS API and the API of any other automation system, network appliance, or any other external or internal service.

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