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Build Cloud-Native Applications

Build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale with ClearScale’s cloud application development services. ClearScale develops performance and highly-available cloud applications using proven and cutting-edge cloud technologies. We can also perform application modernization services to adapt your legacy applications to run on the cloud. In addition, we offer traditional web and mobile application development services in the most common platforms and languages like iOS, Android, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, and more.

Our cloud app development philosophy:

  • Build for performance, resiliency, availability, and scale
  • Integrate with AWS Services like Lambda and API Gateway for better performance and scalability
  • Build apps for cloud and develop to take full advantage of AWS tools to make applications dynamic
  • Develop modular applications that integrate with other services and APIs to simplify development and management
  • Re-architect legacy applications using a cloud-native approach
  • Automate most things to increase agility, reduce risk, and take advantage of the dynamic nature of cloud
  • Enable customer success long after launch

Our cloud application development services utilize the full suite of AWS Cloud services in addition to infrastructure automation and configuration management from Chef and microservice application development with Docker.

We Helped a Genomics Company Build a Flexible Serverless Platform on AWS

What to expect

Key components of our cloud application development services projects typically include:

  • Requirements-gathering phase to understand your needs and objectives
  • Architecture audit to ensure that we fully understand your existing applications and how to best re-architect them for the cloud
  • Architecture design for your new cloud application
  • Development with proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies
  • Integration with existing systems and applications in your data center
  • Testing of functionality at scale and high load
  • Deployment of the production, staging, and test environments
  • Re-Architect and rebuild legacy applications for cloud

We’ll work alongside your team and create full documentation to enable a seamless handoff and smooth transition for continued success. If ongoing support is desired, we offer multiple levels of managed services that supplement and extend your in-house resources.

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