The Modern Database Approach

Self-managing databases is time-consuming, complex, and expensive. Between hardware and software installations, dealing with availability issues, capacity planning, maintaining security, and more, there’s a lot for IT teams to address. That’s why so many organizations are migrating to managed databases on the cloud, especially those who want to move away from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle on AWS.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, ClearScale helps clients adopt managed Oracle relational database solutions that automatically handle the heavy lifting. Partner with our database migration experts today to reduce your SQL database administrative burden and improve performance across the board on the cloud.

“ClearScale helped us make the critical shift from reactive to proactive data processing and analysis. With ClearScale, we can now harness and analyze the high volume of incoming data in real time to provide our clients with predictions and actionable insights about consumer behavior.”

- Christopher Peterson, Full Stack Developer, Cybba

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Our SQL-to-Oracle Migration Services

  • Database Migration Assessment & Strategy icon

    Database Migration Assessment & Strategy

    Evaluate existing SQL databases and discover where you have the most potential to improve outcomes. Then, develop a comprehensive migration strategy for key assets.

  • Create Modern Architecture icon

    Create Modern Architecture

    Design the ideal cloud database and data ecosystem architecture for your organization going forward.

  • Conduct Performance Testing and System Sizing icon

    Conduct Performance Testing and System Sizing

    Test your new Oracle on AWS database deployment and ensure proper sizing for essential resources.

  • Execute Schema and Data Migration icon

    Execute Schema and Data Migration

    Make the transition from on-premises SQL to Oracle on AWS without experiencing data loss or service disruption.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Performant & Scalable

Scale compute and storage with just a few clicks, and minimize downtime for mission-critical applications.

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Available & Durable

Take advantage of automated multi-AZ data replication, backups, snapshots, and failovers.

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Secure & Compliant

Implement data encryption at rest and in transit. Maintain industry compliance and assurance programs to reduce organizational risk.

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