SecOps Capabilities With Automated Solutions and Powerful Tools

SecOps refers to the fusion of IT security and IT operations and aims to streamline IT performance and maintain security across the entire software development lifecycle. SecOps is crucial today because cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated, while modern application development gets more complex.

Thanks to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s easier than ever to build robust SecOps capabilities using automated solutions and powerful tools. And with ClearScale’s help, you can incorporate managed security automation into your broader DevOps practice to enhance your application development efforts.

“Using AWS Control Tower, ClearScale quickly set up a landing zone for our organization based on best-practices. They also created several proof-of-concept architectures to give us blueprints we could use to build our solutions. This foundation allowed our engineers to very quickly develop and deploy several applications”

- Jeremy Brown, CTO, AdvisoryCloud

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Our SecOps Services

  • Logging & Monitoring icon

    Logging & Monitoring

    Implement 24x7x365 monitoring over your IT infrastructure to catch problems as soon as they surface.

  • Incident Response icon

    Incident Response

    Create protocols and automated workflows around incidents that help you investigate anomalies efficiently.

  • Root-cause Analysis icon

    Root-cause Analysis

    Discover what could be putting your cloud infrastructure and applications at risk by studying incident data closely.

  • Managed Services icon

    Managed Services

    Leverage managed services to simplify SecOps for your team, and offload burdensome IT tasks to a cloud security expert.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Better Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration between different IT stakeholders, accelerating innovation and improving overall outcomes for the organization.

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Increased Visibility

Gain more visibility across IT infrastructure, allowing you to catch and address vulnerabilities faster.

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Robust Security

Take application, infrastructure, and data security to the next level by incorporating and applying insights from more people across the organization.

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