Free Up Capacity for More Important Initiatives

Many organizations still pull data manually from physical documents - pdfs, forms, tables, and more - which takes a lot of time and increases the likelihood of input errors. Fortunately, AI/ML technology has improved to the point where it can now scan and process different document types, as well as extract data automatically for later use.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the most sophisticated ML-powered data extraction solutions on the market, including Amazon Textract. And with help from ClearScale, organizations can build valuable services and efficient workflows around their document scanning capability, freeing up capacity for more important initiatives.

“Thanks to the machine learning expertise of ClearScale, we were able to make the reporting of clinical findings, outcomes, and other health data a practical function of the physician’s workflow.”

- Matt Dallmann, President, Creative Practice Solutions

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Our Data Extraction Services

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    Amazon Textract

    Extract handwritten text, digital text, and data directly from scanned documents.

  • Amazon Comprehend icon

    Amazon Comprehend

    Add natural-language processing on top of your document scanning process to discover insights within your documents faster.

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    Amazon A2I

    Bring human intelligence in after documents have already been scanned to check for accuracy and compliance.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Save Time and Money

Cut down on manual document scanning, saving your organization time and money on labor-intensive work.

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Reduce Errors

Eliminate interpretation and data entry errors that cause problems downstream for the organization.

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Streamline Operations

Build automated workflows around your document data extraction capability that help your organization run more efficiently.

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