Navigate Oracle Licensing Complexity with AWS Cloud Optimization

The complexity of Oracle licensing often causes companies to continue using expensive legacy Oracle technologies, largely because they're unsure where to seek assistance. Business executives sometimes lack the necessary tools to accurately assess their needs for resource utilization, and have limited knowledge on how to modernize on the cloud or understand the benefits of cloud-optimized licensing strategies.

But, according to AWS, an assessment of over 5,700 Oracle instances indicated that running Oracle on the AWS cloud required an average of 35% fewer cores than on premises. ClearScale’s Oracle Optimization & Licensing Assessment (OLA) helps companies identify opportunities to adjust their compute resources for better efficiency, reduce excess expenditure, and investigate flexible licensing models.

Our Oracle OLA Services

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    Cost Optimization

    Conduct a comprehensive review of your Oracle Licensing Information Document and current Oracle workloads. Provide detailed analysis on cost savings and optimization opportunities for running Oracle on AWS, including modernization strategies.

  • Resource Consumption Analysis icon

    Resource Consumption Analysis

    Illuminate current Oracle resource consumption on-premises to identify inefficiencies and cost overruns. Get insights and strategies to only pay for the Oracle resources actually consumed, optimizing both storage and compute on AWS.

  • Flexible Licensing Solutions icon

    Flexible Licensing Solutions

    Analyze the benefits of moving to a managed database environment with built-in licensing. Explore alternative modernization tactics to leverage Oracle OLA insights, and provide pathways to break away from restrictive third-party contracts and legacy systems.

Achieve Your Business Goals with ClearScale and AWS

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Rightsize Your Resources

Streamline your workload resource utilization and gain insights into optimal instance sizes and types on AWS.

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Reduce IT Costs

Enhance cost-efficiency in the cloud with fewer instances and licenses thanks to cloud elasticity. Optimize instance configurations and reduce license needs.

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Leverage Flexible Licensing

Minimize licensing costs, ensure you only pay for what you use, and optimize your cloud compute and licensing expenses.

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