Accelerate Innovation on the Cloud

Monolithic applications are hard to maintain, difficult to scale, and ill-suited for organizations that need to move fast. That’s why many engineering teams are turning to event-driven architecture.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, ClearScale can help you implement event-driven architecture on AWS. We’ll collaborate closely with you to design the ideal solution and implement key AWS services.

“ClearScale helped us efficiently optimize our AWS resources so that we were able to move quickly and efficiently. We were able to make smart decisions about how our services connected and also streamline our continuous integration lifecycle.”

- Daniel Seripap, Head of Software Engineering, First Street Foundation

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Our Event-driven Architecture Services

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    Microservices on AWS

    Break application features and systems up into microservices that can be deployed on the producing or consuming end of event-driven architectures.

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    Application Modernization

    Refactor a legacy application completely to adopt the producer, router, consumer model of event-driven architecture.

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    Router Selection

    Make the right choice between Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) according to your organization's unique use case.

Boost Agility With AWS and ClearScale

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Innovate Faster

Develop new features faster without having to worry about how to handle coordination between producers and consumers.

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Boost Service Resilience

Leverage routers to keep services separated from one another, allowing them to scale and fail independently.

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Reduce Costs

Pay only for resources consumed as a result of the on-demand, push-based nature of event-driven architecture.

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